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Your air conditioner is on, but it is not producing chilly air. For the thermostat to function effectively, you must ensure the temperature is higher than the control setting. The thermostat should be set to cool or auto.

Another potential cause of the issue is if it will heat. If any batteries are running low, replace them. Check the battery levels and replace them as necessary for battery-operated thermostats.

Here you can see why you may need Phoenix AC repair to fix the issues you don’t know how to fix.


Phoenix AC Repair Checks Air Handler

The air handler could not be getting power if your AC unit isn’t blowing cold air. Check to see if the power switches are on and both circuits are receiving power to establish whether the issue is with the air handler.

Ensure the thermostat is plugged in and securely fastened if there is no power going to the air handler.


Does Your AC Unit Have a Broken Fuse?

Your air conditioner may have blown a fuse if you notice it is on but not blowing chilly air. The fuse controls electrical current; its name is frequently written on the AC’s access panel. For more details, you may consult the user manual or leave it for the Phoenix AC repair professionals, Rescue One Air.

Make sure the measurements are accurate before attempting to test the device if you discover the fuse is blown. In addition, the complete AC unit might need to be replaced if you notice it is not blowing cold air.


Phoenix AC Maintenance Can Find Your Overloaded Breaker

Check whether the amp breaker hasn’t tripped or if your AC unit isn’t working correctly. Near the outside unit, most AC units feature an on/off switch.

The circuit breaker, however, might have tripped more than once. If this occurs, it’s possible that the appliance isn’t even pumping cold air. Alternately, defective wiring may have tripped the breaker.


Increase AC Efficiency With Proper Working Coils

By looking at the coils, you might determine why your AC isn’t blowing cold air. As a result, your air conditioner’s efficiency will decrease, it will operate inefficiently, or it could even cause the system to shut down. Call a qualified Phoenix HVAC technician for a check-up if you don’t want to fiddle with your air conditioner’s intricate parts.


Phoenix AC Repair Professionals

Make a DIY Fix, Or Call The Phoenix AC Repair Professionals

You can have a problem with the thermostat fan if the air conditioner is on but not blowing cold air.

The thermostat may mistakenly turn the fan on and off, or it may be set to “auto” so that it runs all day continuously. It could flick the switch, where you can do this yourself, or the problem goes deeper.

Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to remember that a broken thermostat can prevent your AC system from cooling your house.

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