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Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? If you live in Phoenix, the last question you want to ask yourself during the summer is why your air conditioner is blowing warm air. 

Luckily, the answer doesn’t take too long to find. A Phoenix AC repair expert explains the principal reasons it could be. 


The Thermostat is Set Wrong. AC Maintenance Can Fix It

The fan setting on your thermostat controls the fan in your air conditioner’s inner unit.

It may seem contradictory, but your thermostat’s fan setting should be AUTO, not ON, to adequately cool your home. The air in your home is cooled in cycles by an air conditioner. However, if your thermostat’s fan setting is set to “ON,” the fan will run continuously, regardless of whether it is blowing hot or cold air.

This is most likely your problem if the air flowing from your AC vents is just warm. If this isn’t the problem, have your AC maintenance inspect it on your next service.


Phoenix AC Maintenance Cleans Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter traps dust and debris in the air, keeping the workings of your air conditioner clean and likewise the air you breathe. However, if you leave your air filter in for too long, it becomes clogged with dirt and is rendered worthless, as well as causing severe harm to your air conditioner.

A clogged air filter prevents air from reaching your AC unit indoors. Your air conditioner will struggle to cool your home efficiently if it isn’t supplied with adequate air. It could cause a costly AC repair; however, Rescue One Air offers reasonable rates for AC repair.


Dirty Outside AC Unit

Debris, leaves and much more can cover your outside air conditioning unit. When debris obstructs the outside of your air conditioner, it will struggle to chill your home’s air effectively.

Fix 1: Use a garden hose on a low setting to clean the outside AC annually. Don’t be tempted to use a power washer as you can bend the fins, and then you won’t have cool air because of reduced airflow.

Fix 2: It is far safer to call Phoenix AC maintenance professionals to do this. They are fully insured and can fix any minor issues before they become a considerable expense. 


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Phoenix AC Maintenance Check for Tripped Breakers

Your air conditioning unit has two breakers: one for the outside company, another for the inside. If the outdoor unit’s breaker trips, then the inside unit will continue to blow air in your home; it just won’t be cool air.

Your professional air conditioning maintenance can check both breakers, and they can determine why the breaker was tripped. It could be nothing, or it could be the sign of a more significant issue.

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