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Can high humidity damage my air conditioner? Summers in Tempe are notoriously hot, but far worse are the high humidity levels, which can turn our homes into a spa.

Air conditioners can deal with some problems, but they aren't designed to lower humidity; instead, they reduce temperature.

High humidity might damage your air conditioner as it attempts to deal with the problem, as well as make your home muggy and uncomfortable. The unfortunate news is that this is the case. The good news is that whole-house dehumidifiers are an excellent approach to deal with it. It is better to use Tempe AC Repair to ensure your AC is running at peak efficiency.


What Happens to My AC with Excessive Humidity?

High humidity is defined as a relative humidity level of over 50%, which makes us feel uncomfortable. Sweating, and more especially allowing sweat to escape off our skin in the breeze, is how humans keep cool.

There's too much ambient moisture in the air when humidity levels become too high to allow this to happen. As a result, our bodies remain warm, and sweat remains on our skin, resulting in that awful sweaty feeling when the air is muggy. Mold and bacteria thrive in high humidity, which no one wants to see in their home.


What Will High Humidity Do To My Air Conditioner?

Lowering the temperature, which causes ambient moisture to condense into droplets, is the best technique to reduce humidity in the air. (It is the same concept that causes dew in the morning.) This means that air conditioners can automatically function as dehumidifiers. That issue, however, has some flaws.

To begin, air conditioners have no actual control over humidity levels: they remove moisture from the air haphazardly, and you have no input in how much moisture is removed. In addition, high humidity makes the air conditioner work harder to do its job: cool the air. Because the air feels hotter when humidity levels are high, the AC must work harder, increasing both your monthly expenditures and the risk of a future breakdown.

High humidity levels during the summer could significantly reduce the lifespan of your system. Finally, because your air conditioner is not designed to manage excess moisture, it may be overwhelmed by high humidity. Although most systems feature a drain pan to collect condensate, excess moisture might cause the pan to overflow, causing the system to shut down.

Where is my Tempe AC Repair?

Installing a whole-house dehumidifier in your home will allow you to deal with excess mugginess adequately. Dehumidifiers give you precise control over relative humidity levels, allowing you to choose the amount that suits you best.

They can remove excess humidity more effectively than air conditioners, and, more crucially, they can relieve the burden on your AC, allowing you to keep your home pleasant without paying high utility bills.

Summer is the best time to plan an installation because you'll be able to use your new dehumidifier for the rest of the year.

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