Can I Stop Allergens with My AC? Tempe AC Maintenance

Can I stop allergens with my AC? Do your seasonal allergies keep you from taking advantage of the pleasant weather outside your home? With these helpful tips from the experts at Rescue One Air, you can stop hiding in your room and start enjoying the season.

The signs and symptoms of allergies can differ depending on which area of the body is affected.

But one thing is sure: these symptoms will cause significant suffering day after day. Check out some fall allergy symptoms you might be experiencing this season before you contact your Tempe AC maintenance experts.


  1. Itchy and watery eyes
  2. Sneezing regularly
  3. Asthma & Throat Irritation
  4. Stomach Problems
  5. Itchy, dry skin & Eczema


AC Maintenance Can Help with Allergens


  • Checking the pollen quantity in your neighborhood is one way to decrease allergy exposure. Limit outside activities and stay at home if the temperature is high. In the morning and late afternoon, pollen counts are at their highest. During these times, be highly cautious and opt to stay inside.
  • If you have critical chores to complete outside, be sure to dress appropriately. Long sleeves, pants, caps, and even protective face masks are recommended. Pollen and mold will be kept out of your skin, hair, and eyes because of this.
  • After spending some time outside, take a quick bath to remove pollen from your hair and body. When entering the house, tell everyone to remove off their shoes and, if workable, change clothing within the front doorway. Your clothes and shoes are excellent transporters of particles from the outside world.
  • Although drying clothes outside is beneficial, it is not recommended during allergy seasons such as the fall. When your laundry is moist, it attracts pollen, and these pollens may end up in your home, causing you discomfort.


Pick the Best AC Maintenance in Tempe for Humidity Control

Do you know that in a dry indoor environment, dust and mold thrive? Unfortunately, dry air is abundant during the fall and winter seasons. On the other solution, a humidifier can help to lower the risk of dust and mold sensitivity. These devices create an indoor atmosphere less conducive to allergy-causing particles like mold and dust by adding moisture to the air.

Suppose you have worries about stopping allergens in your home. In that case, you can quickly Contact Rescue One Air to schedule air conditioning maintenance and have your AC serviced and optimized to prevent these allergens from circulating around your home.

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