Chandler AC Maintenance. Improve AC Efficiency in 2022

Chandler AC Maintenance. Improve AC Efficiency in 2022

Can I boost AC efficiency in the new year? It may be your inefficient air conditioner and with rising energy prices, it pays to boost your unit's efficiency. While replacing an obsolete unit may be the quickest solution, there are free or low-cost ways to increase a cooling system's performance.

Our focus is on methods to use your Chandler AC maintenance specialists to increase AC efficiency.


Thermostat Upgrade with Chandler AC Maintenance  

Have a smart thermostat? If not, it's probably time to upgrade. A smartphone app can control a smart thermostat's settings.

It is simple for Chandler AC Maintenance to fit a new thermostat so that you can alter settings remotely. Plus, clever thermostats control heating and cooling even when you're not home. The processors use advanced algorithms to regulate your home's temperature.


Turn Up Temps When Away from Home

Most households believe that leaving their air conditioner on saves money. This is because the air conditioner will have to work less to bring the temperature down.

When your air conditioner runs for a more extended period, it reaches optimal efficiency. As a result, turning on and off the heat while you are away will cost more than it will just to return home.


Chandler AC Maintenance Can Help Set Thermostat

The position of your thermostat impacts how well your air conditioner works. Placing it near a bright window, for example, will cause your air conditioner to work overtime because the thermostat will send out false temperature readings.

Heat-producing items should be placed away from your thermostat. Examples include lamps, heaters, and computers. The extra heat confuses your thermostat, causing it to run for more extended periods.

Make sure nothing is blocking the connection if you have a smart thermostat. Bookcases, cupboards, and heavy doors are examples of sensor blocks.


Check Air Filters with Chandler AC Maintenance

Make sure your air filters are in good working order as blocked filters limit airflow. Depending on how dirty they are, you may need to clean or replace your filters. Chandler Air Conditioning Service may clean or replace these regularly.


A fan can significantly reduce cooling expenses when used with an air conditioner. In addition, the thermostat does not need to be adjusted, resulting in lower energy consumption.


Chandler AC Maintenance. Improve AC Efficiency in 2022

Where to Find Chandler AC Maintenance in 2022?

Vents can be obstructed by a variety of items in your home. As a result, the efficiency of your air conditioner is significantly reduced. Remove any blinds, toys, furniture, or other items that may block your vents.

Contact Rescue One Air to schedule your AC repair or replacement. In addition, you can learn more about how to cut costs with regular AC maintenance and intelligent thermostats.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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