Chandler AC Repair Service. Common Fall Furnace Problems

Even in the milder fall weather, you're bound to run into some furnace issues that put your comfort at risk. As a result, professional maintenance is required before turning on your furnace for the first time this year.

Here are the most common furnace issues homeowners experience in the early winter months and need the best Chandler AC repair service as a backup.


Chandler AC Repair Service Can Sort Out Dirty Filters

The most common reason for furnace inefficiency is a dirty filter. If your furnace doesn't seem to blow enough heat, it could be because of dirt and dust trapped in its filters.

Dirty filters can damage your furnace and increase your energy bill, as well as put your comfort at risk. Chandler AC maintenance can replace your filters every three months or, as suggested by your equipment's manufacturer's recommendations, if you don’t wish to do it.


AC Repair Will Fix Thermostat Issue

It's possible that your equipment doesn't always cause the issue. It's also likely that the thermostat that controls your furnace's functioning is to blame.

The most common solutions for thermostat issues include changing the batteries and setting them to heat instead of chill. A Chandler AC Repair Service can do this and check all your settings and thermostats.


Wear and Tear; You Can Cover with Expert AC Maintenance

This is more common with older furnaces, but it can also happen with newer systems if they are not properly maintained.

Wear and tear on your furnace might cause air leaks, uneven heating in your home, and overheating the equipment. Inspections regularly will alert you to these issues and give you helpful solutions. An incorrectly sized unit, besides a clogged filter, can cause insufficient heat. If your furnace is too small, it cannot meet your home's heating needs. That's why you always desire more heat, even if your furnace has been running for a long time.

Pay close attention to the sounds you hear when your furnace is running. If you hear loud noises that you didn't hear previously, your furnace may suffer small or major issues. Call a Chandler AC to repair professional for a thorough diagnosis and repair.

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How to Find Chandler AC Repair Now?

Fall is the best time to get your furnace ready for the next cold period. You must notice and handle the issues we discussed before winter begins.

Don't worry if you live in Chandler; you have a reliable company to call if you have an HVAC problem. Rescue One Air has always had your back. Just call us, and we'll take the rest!

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