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A faulty air conditioner is the worst thing to face during the heat. While specific issues, such as a faulty compressor, can be easily fixed by an AC repair professional, others, such as a faulty thermostat, might be costly to repair or replace.

The compressor in your AC system compresses the refrigerant so it can circulate and pull heat from your home in Chandler. An adequately maintained compressor can last 10 to 15 years, depending on the brand.

Inadequate compressor care leads to various problems resulting from wear and tear and dirt collection, necessitating professional AC repair. Understanding the causes of compressor issues is critical to avoiding an air conditioner failure. Here are some common compressor failure reasons found by Chandler AC repair experts from Rescue One Air


Problems With The Electricity

Electrical faults are a common cause of compressor failure. For example, damaged contacts, broken wires, and blown fuses can cause compressor failure. In addition, power surges may cause trouble with your air conditioner.

Frequent compressor start/stop might wear down compressor controls. Also, circuit breakers tripping indicates a compressor problem in your home.  This can cause acid or oxidation buildup in the compressor, affecting other air conditioning system components.

A competent AC repair technician can detect acid accumulation during routine maintenance and make essential repairs before the compressor fails, compromising the AC system's functionality.


Overheating Means Chandler AC Repair

Overheating is another reason for compressor failure. Excess discharge pressure, ill-fitting discharge line, and inconsistency of condenser fan might cause overheating of compressing unit. Overcharging coolant and an undersized condenser can cause compressor overheating.

External factors that cause AC compressors to overheat are connected to ambient temperature. For example, lack of airflow and direct sunshine on the AC outdoor unit might lead to an overheated compressing unit. The intense heat causes compressor failure, necessitating repair.


Refrigerant and Coolant Levels

With enough refrigerant in the AC, the compressor works wonderfully. Unless there is a repair, the refrigerant does not run out, although low refrigerant causes the compressor to work twice as hard to force coolant into the unit, eventually collapsing.

A professional can carry out Chandler AC maintenance on the entire air conditioning unit to prevent corrosion and cracks in the evaporator coil. Too much refrigerant in the system can fail compressor failure. In addition, an untrained or unqualified AC repair professional can overfill the evaporator.

High refrigerant levels can increase system pressure, leading the AC compressor to fail. Before choosing a professional HVAC technician to fix your air conditioner, do considerable research on an AC company in Chandler.


Dirt in the Outdoor Unit

Dust, leaves, debris, and dampness may cause your outdoor unit's compressor issues. The dirt can clog condenser coils, causing refrigerant leakage and harming the condenser, compressor, and entire AC unit.

Failure to clean the external unit increases heat and pressure on the compressor. In addition, oil carbonization on the discharge valve occurs owing to condensing system air increasing compressor temperature, creating residue accumulation and valve leakage.

The high temperatures harm the compressor, necessitating quick Chandler AC replacement or AC repair.


Expert Help For Chandler AC Repair

Where to Find Expert Help For Chandler AC Repair?  

Evaporator and compressor suction line The insulated air-tight line transports the refrigerant for optimal AC performance.

The lines are prone to cracks and holes that prevent the refrigerant system, causing the compressor to work harder to pump the coolant, culminating in a failure.

If your air conditioner isn't cooling your home correctly, call a professional to identify, diagnose, and repair the problem before the compressor fails.

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