Chandler AC Repair. Why Do I Need My Air Conditioning Fixed?


It may not appear that the extreme heat of summer will end soon; it will. With the end of the summer heat, fall will usher in cooler temperatures and some pumpkin-flavored treats.  

You may even go a few days without turning on the air conditioner! 


For your air conditioner, we want to ensure it's still in a good working system. While cooler weather is on the way, that doesn't mean you should turn off your air conditioner. If you require air conditioning repair in Chandler, AZ, Rescue One Air can help. All you must do now is contact us. 


You don't want to put off getting your air conditioner fixed if something is wrong with it. Trust us when we say that waiting until next summer to complete the repairs will cause more costly problems. Before you turn off your air conditioner for the year, keep an eye out for any of these signs you need Chandler AC repair.  


Signs You Need Chandler AC Repair 

The unit is producing strange noises. When your air conditioner runs, it will create a small noise, such as a whoosh of air or a tiny amount of clicking at the start or end of the cycle. Other sounds are causes of anxiety. Rattling, clanking, hissing, continual clicking, or buzzing are examples of this. 


The system isn't properly cooling your home. Have you spotted any hotspots in your home? If this is the case, there is a problem with your air conditioner that must be addressed. 


Your energy bills are going up. Your energy bills will reflect how hard your air conditioner is working. While minor increases in your bills are acceptable during the months when you aren't running your air conditioner, excessive increases in your monthly dues show trouble. 


You notice that your air conditioner is cycling quickly. The cooling cycle of your air conditioner will take 15 minutes on average. However, if your air conditioner shuts off before completing its typical cooling cycles, it is short cycling, which is hazardous to your air conditioner and your comfort. 


Your system is blowing warm air. You want to chill things down, not heat them when you turn on your air conditioner. If your system is sending warm air instead of cool air around your home, it means there is a problem that must be fixed. 



Where to Find Chandler AC Repair 

If your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, the sooner you contact us for professional help, the better. We will gladly diagnose and perform the happy repairs to keep you cool. 


Contact Rescue One Air to schedule Chandler air conditioning maintenance before the fall arrives or if you have any urgent requirements, complete the compact form below for a fast response.  

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information. 

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