Do Power Outages Damage My AC? Tempe AC Repair

Help To Fix AC With Tempe, AZ, AC Repair Service

Does a power outage have the potential to affect your air conditioner? A power surge can harm a heater, air conditioner, or other electrically powered equipment or appliance. Contrary to other devices, replacing one might be expensive.

So, if you ever encounter any brownouts, blackouts, or power outages, call a Tempe, Arizona, AC repair company.

Circuit breakers control your central air conditioning system's interior and external parts. One circuit breaker for each component is more likely to have tripped than the other. Have Rescue One Air inspect your air conditioner if you're unsure.


Tempe AC Repair Fixes Dead Components

A capacitor starts an air conditioner's compressor. The compressor won't restart until the power is restored if the capacitor malfunctions due to power surges.

As a result, the inside unit transfers heat more frequently than the outdoor unit. In addition, during the cooling cycle, the heat exchange process isn't complete; therefore, the air conditioner isn't blowing cool air.

You may check the condition of the capacitor by looking into the external device, which resembles a canister on top of the compressor. If the capacitor has blown, the top will swell or exude an oily substance. This problem necessitates the assistance of a certified HVAC specialist.


A Power Outage Causes The AC Unit's Cooling To Stop

A power surge could cause the compressor in your air conditioner to malfunction. When the compressor fails, there is no heat exchange since there is no cool air. Because the compressor cannot move the refrigerant throughout the apparatus, warm air escapes.

The dependable AC specialist at Rescue One Air will examine the compressor and let you know whether the power interruption has harmed it. The device would need a new compressor if the existing one failed.


Help To Fix AC With Tempe, AZ, AC Repair Service


Get Help To Fix AC With Tempe, AZ, AC Repair Service

Once the power has been restored, if your air conditioner doesn't start blowing cool air, check the breakers to see whether a tripped breaker has cut power to the external device.

If your breakers trip after they've been reset or are usually on, but warm air is blowing through your vents, Contact Rescue One Air, or you can complete the minor form below for a fast response.

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