Does Dual Fuel Heating Make Sense? Phoenix AC Repair

Does Dual Fuel Heating Make Sense? Phoenix AC Repair

Given that Phoenix AC repair may become more difficult with such heating, you might be curious what a dual fuel heating system is and whether they are worthwhile.

Let's start a dual fuel heating system first. Both gas and electric heat pumps have drawbacks. Electric heat pumps work brilliantly most of the time, save for a few chilly nights throughout the year. Phoenix provides multi-fuel heating because gas and electricity aren't always the apparent options.

One ingenious solution to the sporadic chilly nights brought on by our climate, which may bring us warm winters, is a dual fuel heating system. Learn more from the Rescue One Air experts who look after Phoenix air conditioning systems.


With Phoenix AC Maintenance, You Can Preserve the Best of Both

In dual-fuel systems, a gas furnace's power is combined with an electric heat pump's year-round efficiency. The level of comfort that these two technologies offer when combined is unmatched by any other system.

Both heat pumps and gas furnaces have advantages and drawbacks of their own. Heat pumps are quite efficient in hot areas. Even yet, a few chilly nights a year can be a major challenge because they cannot transfer heat effectively and their power is much diminished.

Gas furnaces provide good heating throughout the year, but because of our environment, we don't need them for more than a few chilly months. They might overcome their disadvantages by utilizing these strategies and working!

The furnace turns on when the temperature drops below a certain point (when the heat pump can no longer move heat effectively), providing superb heating at the lowest price.


Upkeep of Your Home's AC in Phoenix Keeps It Environmentally Friendly

Long-term comfort leads to higher productivity. Why waste fuel or energy that you don't need? A heat pump is environmentally friendly and efficient because it is powered by electricity.

Your gas furnace operates on natural gas, a clean burning, highly efficient fuel in our region, on those chilly nights.

You would waste a lot of fuel or energy if you had to choose between gas and electricity. Using a dual-fuel heating system prevents energy waste.


Does Dual Fuel Heating Make Sense? Phoenix AC Repair

Learn more from Phoenix Air Conditioning Professionals

Although we know that installing a dual fuel heating system is expensive at first, you will save a sizable sum of money. Heat pumps are one-fourth the cost of a gas or electric furnace in moderate areas, but the gas furnace will use less during the chilly nights.

Since the two systems are working in concert, you're essentially spending the least amount of money feasible on gas or electricity.

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