Gilbert AC Maintenance Why is My AC Filter So Dirty?

Gilbert AC Maintenance Why is My AC Filter So Dirty?

What is causing my air conditioning filter to become so dirty? If you get the impression that you are continually changing your air conditioner's air filter. Here are three scenarios in which your air conditioner's filter can become clogged, necessitating the need for Gilbert air conditioning maintenance.


How Often To Change Air Conditioner Filter?

In general, the greater the MERV rating of your filter, the more frequently it will need to be replaced.

You might be wondering what the heck a "MERV rating" means. If an air filter has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), it can be used to determine how successful it is at removing particles and pollutants from the air. More efficient filters have higher MERV ratings, which indicates that they are more effective. The MERV rating of a filter can be seen printed on the filter's edge, which indicates how effective the filter is.

Your air conditioner's air filter replacement frequency is determined by the type of filter you have in addition to the MERV rating.


  • Fiberglass flat panels (MERV 1–4): These filters, usually 1” thick and constructed of spun fiberglass, should be updated once a month.
  • These reusable electrostatic washable filters (MERV 1–4) trap impurities between negatively charged fibers and should be vacuumed or washed at least once a month.
  • Pleated (MERV 5–16): Pleated filters are made of polyester or paper and come in various thicknesses (usually 1–6 inches). They should be replaced every 1–3 months.
  • (17–20 MERV) HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air): These filters, commonly found in whole-house air purifiers, collect the most toxins and should be replaced every 12–18 months.


Why AC Filters Get Dirty?


AC fan is “ON.”

Your thermostat has two fan settings: ON and AUTO. You can choose between the two. The use of an on/off thermostat will result in a greater frequency of replacement of your air filter.

When your thermostat is set to "ON," the fan on your air handler runs constantly until it is turned off. Therefore, air is constantly going through your air filter, trapping particles and contaminants as they pass through.

It only operates when your thermostat is set to AUTO and your system is required to cool your home by that time.

To achieve the best results, set your thermostat to AUTO. By doing so, you will reduce humidity, save energy, and decrease the frequency with which you must replace your air filter.


Leaky ductwork

If you have leaks in your ductwork, dust and filth from your attic or crawlspace will be pulled into your home through the openings. Once the air conditioner draws dust and grime from the air in your home, it becomes trapped in the air filter.

The remedy is to have your ducts sealed by a competent air conditioning contractor in Gilbert, AZ. Having your ductwork checked for leaks will ensure that the amount of dust that enters your home is kept to a minimum, and the frequency with which you change your air filter will be reduced.

Gilbert AC Maintenance Why is My AC Filter So Dirty?

Finding a Gilbert AC Professional

The greater the amount of traffic that passes through your home, the more frequently you will need to change your air filter.

The greater the number of people and animals who reside in or visit your home, the greater the amount of dirt and outside particles they will bring into your home with them. Due to the increased amount of fur and dander in your home, your air filter will have to work harder to filter it all out, which is unfortunate.

A better air filter with a higher MERV rating or the installation of a whole-house air purifier can be the cure for your allergy symptoms. A purifier improves the quality of your indoor air and minimizes the frequency with which you must replace your air filter because the filters used in whole-house purifiers last far longer.

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