How Do I Clean Mold From My AC? Phoenix AC Maintenance

How do I clean mold from my AC? Cleaning your air conditioner, regardless of the kind, can help you extend the life of your unit and reduce repair costs.

Because it is sure for the AC to cool when the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins become dusty or obstructed, Phoenix AC Maintenance will make that your AC performs at optimal efficiency.

Although cleaning can go a long way, many homeowners who find mold wish to contact local Phoenix AC Maintenance experts for help.

While you can undertake a general cleaning, if you make a mistake and dirty water with mold seeps into your home, it is best to leave it to the specialists.


If you want to clean your window air conditioner, follow these procedures.

  1. Disconnect from any power sources and remove any primary connections. Turn off the circuit breaker if the circuit is connected directly.
  2. Your capacitor must be discharged. This is critical because the capacitor can still hold a charge even if your AC is turned off.
  3. You can wipe clean the outside of your unit with a moist cloth once there is no electric power in it.
  4. Remove the front of your AC unit's filter holder and trim panel. They usually hold these using clips that can be easily removed.
  5. If you're cleaning a window unit, remove the mounting frame and casing. Case screws are usually found near the bottom of the case. This phase is the one that generates problems. Because air conditioners are heavy, calling local Phoenix AC Maintenance experts will help you avoid dropping your unit or injuring yourself.
  6. Starting with the cooling fins is a great way to get started. Straighten any bent fins you may have with a fin comb. Such combs can be found in any hardware store.
  7. Clean your coils with a vacuum to remove any dirt or debris. Vacuuming won't help if the waste is damp, and you'll need an A/C coil cleaning solution. Although AC maintenance makes the job easier because they provide everything, they may be found in hardware stores.
  8. Wipe down the fan blades with a clean cloth and home cleanser.
  9. To remove any dirt or trapped material, air filters must be cleaned and washed. If your air conditioner has a disposable filter, it's time to replace it. In the summer, you may find that this needs to be done every month.
  10. Reassemble your unit only when everything has dried completely. When the system is damp, dust will attach to it and cause it to clog. It is because of this that mold issues arise.


Phoenix AC Maintenance Clears Mold Issues

Mold can form in your window air conditioner for various reasons, the most common of which being wet circumstances.

Keeping your AC unit clean can help prevent this, but making sure it's clean all the way through is a task best left to the experts at Phoenix AC Maintenance. You have a fully insured business working on your AC system when delegating this task to the experts.

If you have worries about mold in your AC system, you can quickly Contact Rescue One Air to schedule air conditioning maintenance and get your AC given a clean bill of health.

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