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Are you sick of being suffocated by pollen? Reducing allergens in your home will significantly help your symptoms and keep them from becoming a full-blown cold.

While there are numerous ways to help reduce symptoms associated with being outside, you can also take proactive actions to keep indoor allergens at bay. Mold, dust mites, and insects are indoor allergy triggers all year, though pollen is the biggest problem in the spring.

Here's a handy guide, and to help with some, you can call your Chandler AC maintenance to help enhance your indoor air quality and stop being irritated by allergy triggers.


Stop Allergens with Chandler AC Maintenance

• Keep Windows and Doors Closed - During allergy season, keep the house closed, especially in the mornings when allergens are at their highest. Mold and pollen spores can readily try through screens, so use the air conditioner to keep the home cool. You should also make sure that the window frames are free of condensation, leading to mold growth.

• Maintain Low Humidity Levels - Mold and other airborne allergens thrive in damp environments. Maintain an indoor temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 50 percent or less. Chandler AC maintenance can make sure your AC controls can do this.

• Pest Control - To get rid of rodents, hire an exterminator (or set traps). Rodents and bugs are both allergy triggers that must be addressed right away. Once they have left, vacuum your carpets entirely and clean all of your hard surfaces.

• Change Air Filters - If you have pets, change your air filter once a month or more frequently during the seasons when your HVAC is running continually. However, if you suffer from indoor allergies, change the filter at least once a month. Chandler AC maintenance can do this regularly for you.

• Bathe Your Pets - Bathing your pets at least once a week will lessen the amount of dander and allergens they shed and spread throughout the house.

• Reconsider Indoor Plants - Mold can grow in the soil of potted plants. To keep the mold at bay, consider moving your plants outside or adding aquarium gravel to the soil.

• Carpeting — If your home has wall-to-wall carpeting, think about replacing it with hardwood or linoleum. Carpeting can trap and store allergens for prolonged periods. If you cannot get rid of your carpeting, vacuum it once a week with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. It will also help if you shampoo your carpet regularly.

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If you suffer from severe allergies in the spring and fall, implementing a couple of these preventative actions should help to ease your symptoms. The most crucial recommendation is to keep the house closed during peak allergy times and, of course, avoid outside exposure as much as possible.

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