How to Cool At Night When You Need AC Repair in Tempe, AZ

AC Repair in Tempe, AZ

We've all felt those hot nights when all you can do is toss and turn as you try to get to sleep. Most of the time, we cannot sleep because we're stuck to the sheets by our sweat. You're already a sticky mess no matter how much the AC and fan are turned up. There are few things more unpleasant than trying to sleep or relax in a humid environment. However, for most of us in Tempe, AZ, scorching summer temperatures are inevitable.

A working air conditioner is a perfect cure for a restful night's sleep. These modern gadgets will hold a room between 60- and 70-degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for sleeping.

However, if your AC isn't working as it should, you need to do something yourself until you can call the Tempe, AZ Air Conditioning Repair specialists.


Beat the Heat before Calling Temp Air Conditioning Repair

Here are a few ways to help cool off if you find your AC has broken at an unavoidable moment.


Drink Water or Shower Before Bed

Before going to bed, I drink a glass of water. Dehydration may be caused by tossing and turning and sweating at night. Drinking a glass of water before bedtime will help to reduce this. If you love 3 a.m. bathroom runs, 8 ounces will suffice.

During the summer, a cold shower takes on a whole new purpose. Rinsing under a stream of cold water lowers core body temperature and removes sweat, allowing you to fall asleep feeling cool and clean.


Choose Frozen Cotton for Bed Sheets

For cooler evenings, save the satin, silk, or polyester covers. Light-colored bed linens made of lightweight cotton are absorbent and outstanding for promoting airflow and ventilation in the bed.

Before going to bed, put your sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes. It's best to put them in a plastic bag first, so they don't stick. This won't cool you all night, yet it can be enough for you to get to sleep. 


Freeze Water Bottles

Purchase a water bottle from your local store and place it in the freezer. To make a bed-friendly ice pack, chuck the frozen water bottle in with you once you're warm in your bed. You may need to wrap it to soak up the condensation.



Blow Air Away from You and Call Tempe AC Repair

If you thought fans were just for blowing warm air around, think again. Place box fans in front of windows to force warm air out. Then, instead of twirling warm air around the room, change the ceiling fan settings so that the blades spin counterclockwise, dragging warm air up and out.

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