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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality. The air you breathe in your home regularly is essential. You believe that since your house is clean, the air inside it is also clean. This isn't always the case, however.

Toxins may be present in your indoor air that you're not aware of. Pollutants and allergens can reach your home through various channels, including an open window, clothes, and pets.

There are ways to help boost your indoor air quality no matter how those pesky contaminants reached your house. Here are some ways you can help yourself before calling Chandler Air Conditioning Maintenance professionals.


Eliminate Smoking; It Clogs Lungs and AC Filters

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of contaminants. Tobacco smoke is one of the most common indoor air contaminants. Smoking can damage your lungs and cause infections, asthma, and cancer.

The well-being of you and your family is jeopardized by cigarette smoke exposure. Indoor smoking puts your home at risk of burning, and the tar can clog your AC filters. Call the Air Conditioning maintenance pro to check your AC unit.


Avoid Strong Smells

Using scented candles and air fresheners in excess will damage your indoor air quality. Hazardous chemicals can be used in scented sprays and other products.

These scented odors contain elevated levels of phthalates, and according to reports by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, such chemicals can harm your liver and children.


Open Your Doors and Windows

It is essential to have fresh air inside your house, but you must also consider the air outside. To ensure the best air quality in your home, make sure pollen counts and humidity levels are low.

It is much better to call the Chandler Air Conditioning professionals to make sure your AC unit is pumping fresh air so you can avoid all the irritants.



Chandler Air Conditioning Professionals Change Filters

Check all the filtered things in your home and make sure they're changed and maintained regularly. Make sure your AC systems are adequately vented and equipped with the required filters.

By changing your filters regularly, you can extend the life of your AC equipment. Air filters are the first line of protection in keeping contaminants out of your indoor air. When your filter is dirty, dust, animal hair, mold, and other pollutants will reach your air supply.

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