Mistakes Made with AC. Tempe Air Conditioning Maintenance 

Rescue One Air has seen many mistakes made on air conditioning systems. According to industry analysts, air conditioning accounts for over half of the average homeowner's monthly energy expenditure because of inefficiency. While this is true, most homeowners are unaware of the errors they are making with their air conditioners, which can compromise both efficiency and safety. 

Avoid these five major blunders with your air conditioner to save money and time. You can find about the common mistakes and how to find the top Tempe Air Conditioning maintenance. 


Tempe Air Conditioning Maintenance Hasn't Installed a Programmable Thermostat. 

Because you must manually adjust the temperature while inside or before leaving the house, a non-programmable thermostat can be useless, accomplish you have the sound mind to do it every day? If not, invest in a programmable thermostat!  

You may save thousands of dollars on your energy cost by installing a programmable thermostat. While you are away, a Wi-Fi thermostat automatically lowers or raises the temperature. 


Not Getting an Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance 

Once it comes to annual maintenance, it's critical to enlist the help of problems. From complete system inspection and repairs to new installation and more, professional air conditioning contractors can handle it all.  

Annual maintenance will save you money overall by preventing unexpected unit malfunctions and pricey repairs. 


Old Blocked Air Filters Are Still in Place

Air filters are an important part of any air conditioning unit. You're putting everything at risk by using unclean air filters. As a result, airflow is limited, your health is restricted, and your system's efficiency suffers.  According to experts, air filters should be replaced every three months or as needed, depending on how often you use the system. 


You Haven't Used Your AC For Ages

When the entire family is on vacation for a week, it may be tempting to completely turn off the air unit. It's a terrible idea! Your house would practically become unbearably heated. Heat can build up over time, resulting in significant repercussions. 

To avoid this, set your thermostat to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set it to 70 degrees a day before you return to make it more pleasant once you get home. 


Your AC Is Located in the Wrong Position

The location of your outdoor air conditioner impacts energy usage. When your unit is exposed to direct sunlight, it will work extra harder. Instead, put your unit in a shady spot to get the most out of it. For your interior thermostat to work properly, it should be placed away from any heat-emitting equipment. 

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