Phoenix AC Maintenance. Can I improve AC Efficiency?

Phoenix AC Maintenance. Can I improve AC Efficiency?

Is there a way to make my air conditioner run more efficiently? Unfortunately, inefficient air conditioners are a possibility. With rising energy costs, it's a good idea to improve the efficiency of your unit. Even though a new cooling system may be the most suitable solution, several low-cost or free options improve the system's efficiency.

We're here to show you how to get the most out of your AC by utilizing the services of Phoenix AC maintenance professionals.


Invest In A New Thermostat

If so, you're in the minority. If not, it's probably time for an upgrade. Smart thermostats can be controlled using a smartphone app.

Phoenix AC Maintenance can easily install a new thermostat that will allow you to control the temperature from afar. You may also adjust your home's temperature remotely with intelligent thermostats. The processors use sophisticated algorithms to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.


When You're Not At Home, Raise The Thermostat.

Leave your air conditioner on, and you'll save money, according to the majority of homeowners. The air conditioner will have to work less to cool the room.

Your AC system reaches peak efficiency when it is used for a more extended period. It will be more expensive than simply going home to turn the thermostat back on and off when you're not there.


Accurately Set Thermostat

The position of your thermostat influences the operation of your air conditioning system. For example, the thermostat will send inaccurate temperature readings if it's placed near a window that gets a lot of sunlight.

Make sure your thermostat isn't near any appliances that produce a lot of heat. Examples include things like lamps, heaters, and computers. Your thermostat cannot keep up with the increased temperature, resulting in longer cycles of air conditioning.

If you have a smart thermostat, make sure that there are no obstructions in the way. Bookshelves, cabinets, and heavy doors are examples of sensor blocks.



The Air Filters Should Be Checked

Keep an eye on your air filters to ensure they're free of debris. Filters that are packed with air impede airflow. Depending on how dirty they are, you may need to clean or replace your filters. Clean-up or replacement of these by Phoenix AC Maintenance can be done routinely.


Use Indoor Fans to Help

A fan can drastically reduce cooling expenditures when used with an air conditioner. In addition, the thermostat does not need to be tampered with, resulting in less energy use.


Phoenix AC Maintenance. Can I improve AC Efficiency?

Where To Find Phoenix AC Repair?

A variety of objects might obstruct the vents in your home. As a result, your AC's overall efficiency is significantly reduced. Dispose of anything blocking your vents, including blinds, toys, and furniture.

Make an appointment, and contact Rescue One Air to get your air conditioner serviced or replaced. For additional information on saving money with regular AC maintenance and smart thermostats, click here.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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