Phoenix AC Repair Service. Why My House Has So Much Dust

Phoenix AC Repair Service. Why My House Has So Much Dust?

If I don't do anything, dust seems to accumulate everywhere in my home. The dust is still there even if you cleaned the house yesterday. Another possibility is that you dust your furniture in the morning before leaving for the office, only to return in the evening to find that the dust has settled back onto your possessions.

After a long, hard fight, you've got the dusting down pat. Probably the air conditioner is to blame for the filth in your home, not you.

Cleaning up the dust in your home might be as easy as switching out your air filters or adjusting the temperature. You can find out more about what causes dust in your home by clicking here, and then you can quickly have the issue fixed by calling Phoenix AC repair.


Phoenix Air Conditioning Service Replaces Filters

Less than a MERV 8 rating shows a low-quality air filter. This is because these inefficient air filters do not remove smaller indoor contaminants, such as mold spores and pollen. Every month, check your air filter. Then, the filter's status can be tracked and tweaked accordingly.

This means less work for your air conditioner because the filter will trap more dust before it enters your home. You can save money in the long run if you maintain and replace your air filter regularly.


Professionals in Air Conditioning Repair Evaluate the Thermostat's Performance

If you flip the fan setting on your thermostat from Auto to On as you dust, your air conditioner will help you.

When you turn on your air conditioner, the blower constantly circulates the air in your home, causing dust particles to be sucked up by the return vent and eventually removed by the air filters.

After cleaning, put the AC on "Auto" so the fan doesn't run nonstop while you dust. This way, you can keep your home's humidity stable without wasting as much electricity.



Phoenix AC Repair Service. Why My House Has So Much Dust?

Finding Reliable Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Service.

About 20% to 30% of the time, the duct system in a typical home has air leaks. Duct leaks can draw in dust from the air, which your air conditioner will circulate throughout your home because air ducts are notoriously dirty places.

Call Rescue One Air for professional AC repair service and stop worrying about the dust being blown inside your home. To prevent unconditioned air from entering or leaving the duct, we will use mastic or specialized duct tape to seal the leak once we have located it.

Even if dust remains after cleaning, the problem is likely simple to fix. If the problem remains after you've adjusted your thermostat and tested your air filters, call Rescue One Air to schedule air conditioning maintenance. If you have any other urgent needs, fill out the short form below for a quick response.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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