Phoenix AC Repair. Power Outages My Need AC Expert Help

Phoenix AC Repair. Power Outages My Need AC Expert Help

Suppose your AC doesn't work again after there is no electricity. A mess can happen, and the first place to check is your home's electrical panel to find out why. The wires that connect your cooling system parts should be there. Reset the circuit breaker and turn on the air conditioner to fix this.

You might need to hire a Phoenix, AZ, air conditioning repair expert to fix it for you if that doesn't work

Circuit breakers are used to control the parts of your central air conditioning system that are both inside and outside of your home. Most of the time, the breakers go off before a storm knocks out the power.

One of the parts is more likely to have tripped than the other. For example, outdoor air conditioning parts will not cool the inside of your house if one of the breakers goes off, but one of them for the inside of the house doesn't. As a first step, call Rescue One Air, and they'll come over to check things out.


Blown Internals Need Emergency Phoenix AC Repair Service

There is a capacitor that starts up the compressor in an air conditioner. It will not work if there are power surges. The compressor will not start again until the power is turned back on.

There is no heat exchange between the outside unit and the inside unit. Therefore, the air conditioner isn't blowing cool air because the heat exchange process isn't done during the cooling cycle.

There is a canister on top of the compressor that looks like a capacitor that you can look into to see how well it's working. If the capacitor is faulty, the top bulges or drips with an oily substance. This would require the help of a certified HVAC technician.


Loss Of Power Stops You AC Working?

A power surge could also cause your air conditioner's compressor to break down, which could make it not work. There is no heat exchange when the compressor doesn't work because there is no cool air to move. Because the compressor can't move the refrigerant through the device, warm air comes out.

If the power goes out, Rescue One Air's trusted AC technician will look at the compressor and tell you if the power surge has damaged it. For example, if the machine's compressor had broken down, it would need a new one to work.


Phoenix AC Repair. Power Outages My Need AC Expert Help

Where Are My Phoenix, AZ Air Conditioner Repair Services?

If your air conditioner doesn't start blowing cool air when the power comes back on, you should check the breakers.

You can contact Rescue One Air or fill out the small form below if your breakers trip after you reset them or if they're usually on, but you're getting warm air from your vents.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair service crews in action for further information.

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