Phoenix AC Repair. Why AC Not Working Properly?

Phoenix AC Repair. Why AC Not Working Properly?

When it’s hot outside in Phoenix, AZ, the air conditioner is an essential thing in your house. People in the United States spend more than $7 billion a year installing and replacing air conditioning units.

When your AC suddenly stops working the way it usually does, you can think about why that might be.

Why might you need Phoenix AC repair?


Air Filters & Condenser are Dirty or Clogged

The air filter’s job is to keep dust and grime out. Unfortunately, a clogged air filter is the most prevalent cause of air conditioner failure. So, the unit must work harder to get air through the filter.

The external condenser aids in dissipating heat from the house to the outdoors. However, the condenser’s dirt and debris will lower its efficiency by blocking heat transfer. If the condenser is very dusty, a professional AC repair firm should come to clean it.


Your AC is Low on Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the fluid that powers the air conditioner. Freon, a halogenated hydrocarbon, is a common refrigerant. Because it has a low boiling point, it turns into vapor in the evaporator coil when heated by the house.

Experts say a leak within the unit is the most probable cause of low refrigerant levels. A qualified Phoenix AC repair firm will be required to rectify the leak and refill the refrigerant.


You Have a Damaged Compressor

The compressor is vital to the air conditioner. It keeps the refrigerant moving between the two. It also boosts the gas’s pressure, concentrating the heat and evaporating quicker.

The unit will not function properly if damaged. However, a competent AC repair firm can diagnose and repair or replace the compressor.


You Have the Wrong Size Air Conditioning Unit

Choosing the correct size air conditioner for your home is crucial. A too-small unit for your home will work more to cool it, causing premature failure.

A too-big unit for your home may cycle on and off too quickly, reducing efficiency. Always have your local AC repair business examine your home’s demands and recommend the size of air conditioner.


Inside Fans Don’t Work

The evaporator coil and refrigerant pipes may have ice on them. If it doesn’t work, the coil is probably frozen. In this scenario, contact an AC repair firm to assess the damage and offer a solution.


Outside Fans Don’t Work

This can be caused by a bad start capacitor or a broken fan motor. You may need to contact your local AC company.


You Have a Manual Thermostat

The thermostat turns on and off your air conditioner when the room reaches a pre-set temperature. Unfortunately, your unit may be the outdated dial control version, incorrectly calibrated.

A professional from an AC repair firm can recalibrate or replace it with a programmable digital thermostat.


Phoenix AC Repair. Why AC Not Working Properly?

Where To Find Phoenix AC Repair Now?

Act now and avoid delays and get all your AC issues fixed. Act now, and you can miss the rush as everyone wants to get their AC maintenance done before warm weather arrives. To get the best help, you can quickly Contact Rescue One Air to schedule your AC repair or replacement.

In addition, you can learn more about how to cut costs with regular AC maintenance and intelligent thermostats.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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