Taking Care of Your AC: Why You Need Phoenix AC Maintenance

Phoenix AC Maintenance

Filters, coils, and fins on an air conditioner must be cleaned and oiled regularly for the unit to work well and efficiently for many years.

If you don’t do the necessary maintenance, your air conditioner will worsen and use more energy.

For example, you must change your air conditioner’s filter every month. To change this filter, you need to be skilled, which we tell homeowners to do.

Also, homeowners can do some simple daily cleaning tasks to make their homes more energy-efficient and comfortable. However, here you can see what is possible and why you still need Phoenix AC maintenance for the jobs you can’t do.


When done right and often, these tips can help people in Phoenix, AZ, avoids paying for annoying AC repairs.


Keep A Checklist

Here’s an idea: pin this list to your fridge or somewhere else where it will be easy to see. Then, inform everyone, so they know it’s to do with the AC. You’re probably safe as long as everyone acts responsibly and no one tries to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Change the air filter

You might be surprised to learn how easy it is to change your air filter, but it’s true. But, first, you must find the return air ducts.

This is where your air conditioner pulls in air to cool it. Then, remove the dirty filter, clean it if it can be used again, or replace it if it isn’t. At least once every one to three months, you should do this.

How to Keep AC units Clean

You must maintain a clean outdoor air conditioning cabinet with plenty of room. It needs at least two feet of space on all sides to run out of heat correctly and not be blocked, which lets it work well.

Try cleaning the dust out of your air vents to get the most airflow possible without making more dust.

Clean Your Air Vents

You’ve probably moved many things around your home in the last year. But those storage bins and brand-new furniture could block air vents, making your home less efficient and less comfortable.

Make a quick tour of your home to ensure no air vents are blocked. This will give you the most airflow possible.


Phoenix AC Maintenance

Get Help From Phoenix AC Maintenance To Keep Energy Bills In Check

Do you still have your old energy bills? If you want to find out if you’re paying too much, it’s usually a good idea to compare prices.

Prices that go up or up a lot are caused by the need for repairs, lack of maintenance, or the need to replace your AC system.

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