Tempe AC Company. Why You Need to Call AC Repair Experts

Tempe AC Company. Why You Need to Call AC Repair Experts

During the heat, your air conditioner is vital. When the weather in Tempe, AZ, rises, most people stay inside to avoid the heat. What would you do if your air conditioner suddenly quit working and your home became unbearably hot? Most people panic, wondering how they will sleep when they are hot and sticky.

You must spot concerns early to call an air conditioning service before a minor issue becomes significant and costly. If your air conditioner displays any of the following systems, call Rescue One Air, your Tempe AC expert, right now.


#1 Your AC System No Longer Pushes Out Cold Air

If your air conditioner isn't blowing cold air, you need to call an air conditioning service. If the vent air is warm, first check the thermostat.

So, if your thermostat is adjusted appropriately, call an AC firm. A professional HVAC technician can determine the source of your system's inability to create cold air.


  • Dirty air filters
  • Evaporator coils that have been frozen
  • Low refrigerant level or a refrigerant leak
  • Compressor failure


It is best to call Tempe AC specialists for air conditioning servicing. Calling now will help restore your home's cooling and comfort.


#2 Your AC Suffers from Restricted Airflow

The cold air produced by your air conditioner gets to the vents via the air ducts. If the vents aren't blowing enough air, call an air conditioning service straight away.

Ignoring the issue will make your air conditioner work harder to chill your home. Unless the airflow is unrestricted, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to keep your This extra work will increase your energy expenses and shorten the life of your air conditioner. Calling an air conditioning firm as soon as is feasible to avoid these complications.

There are some key factors why you can suffer poor airflow.

Clogged Or Damaged Air Ducts:

The most common cause of poor airflow. Debris in the air ducts might obstruct airflow. When debris accumulates, it circulates through the air, causing allergy problems. Having a leaky HVAC system causes poor airflow in your Tempe, TX house.

 Faulty Blower:

The blower moves cool air from the inside unit to the vents. If the blower isn't working correctly, the cold air won't reach the vents, making it challenging to keep your home cool.

Because limits can impact your comfort, family's health, finances, and HVAC system, call an air conditioning professional right away.


#3 Your Air Conditioner Smells When In Use

A weird odor coming from your air conditioner is cause for alarm. A properly working AC should offer cool, odorless air. Mold in the ductwork can spread quickly when the AC is running. If a technician finds mold in your ducts, they will use an antimicrobial fogger to remove it. Mold is difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate. 


#4 You Spot Moisture Around Your AC Unit

If you discover moisture around your air conditioner, call an emergency air conditioning service as you likely have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is hazardous to humans, and without an adequate amount of refrigerant, your system cannot produce cold air.


#5 Your Air Conditioner Makes Strange Sounds

Your Tempe, TX home's air conditioner should only make a slight clicking sound when cycling. Any additional sounds cause an air conditioning service call.

Noises such as banging, rattling, and vibrating show a broken or loose part or an unbalanced fan. If your system is screaming, there is too much pressure, and you should switch it off and call a specialist. Ignoring the problem will cause additional damage and a higher repair bill.


Where to Find a Reliable AC Company in Tempe, AZ?

If your air conditioner isn't working and you need a repair, Contact Rescue One Air. We are a full-service HVAC business with many years of experience.

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