Tempe AC Maintenance. Stop Your Water Heater Drain Pan Leak

Tempe AC Maintenance. Stop Your Water Heater Drain Pan Leak

Water leaks and the damage they may do to your property are something that no one wants to deal with.

While this is true sometimes, the flooding caused by a leaking water heater can be highly damaging to your home’s drywall and flooring in the garage, which is where water heaters are most typically put in the Tempe AZ area.

Learn how to avoid water damage caused by an overflowing water heater and why Tempe AC Maintenance means you’ll never suffer leaks.


What is a Water Heater Drain Pan?

When a water heater leaks, the damage caused by the water can be lessened, and sometimes avoided, by installing a drain pan underneath the water heater itself.

A drain pan is a simple and inexpensive technique to prevent the water leaks from your water heater from wreaking havoc in your home and causing structural damage. It is also possible that a water heater drain pan will aid in the prevention of condensation on the flooring.

A drain pan that has been installed incorrectly by Tempe AC Maintenance Experts will most likely not prevent water damage to your property if your water heater bursts or if your water heater leaks.

The connection of a drain pipe or a water outlet pipe to the drain pan is highly recommended since it helps move water away from the walls and into a drainage system.

As a result, as the drain pan fills with leaking water from the hot water heater, the water is diverted out of the pan and into a drain line located on the floor below.


How Tempe AC Maintenance Experts Install a Drain Pan

When shopping for a drain pan for your water heater, you might go to a home improvement store and purchase one. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended to have a professional complete installing the drain pan beneath your water heater and the connected drain line.

Drain pans are typically metal or plastic; they risk cracking or permanently bending/squashing if they are not installed correctly.


Tempe AC Maintenance. Stop Your Water Heater Drain Pan Leak

Where To Find Tempe AC Maintenance Experts for Drain Pan Advice?

Please call our water heater specialists if you have questions regarding installing a water heater drain pan correctly or if you would like to arrange an appointment to have one of our skilled technicians evaluate your water heater.

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