Tempe AC Maintenance. What Happens to Neglected AC Units?

Tempe AC Maintenance. What Happens to Neglected AC Units?

Neglecting anything isn’t a good state of affair, be it pets, children, or aging parents. However, for some home or business owners, they get complacent as their HVAC system doesn’t appear to need any attention. Yet, keeping your HVAC system working year after year needs regular maintenance.

Your establishment has more essential things to be concerned with. You’ve got customers to attend to; expense reports to get done, and probably even seeking to expand. But all of this may come to a grinding end when your business heater breaks down.

Rescue One Air AC experts can help you get the best results for Tempe’s lowest cost and least amount of time for commercial HVAC.


Over Time, More Problems Arise

It’s hard to evaluate precisely how detrimental neglect can be to a business HVAC system. However, problems might arise over time, and you need to act quickly if you want your system to last if workable.

If you skip a year of professional maintenance, it may seem “not that big a deal,” but you could lose years off the system’s estimated lifespan because of this oversight.

 Preventive services like maintenance and early repairs are vitally crucial for your business, budget, and comfort. So, take this to heart while evaluating why your HVAC system isn’t working correctly.


Here are just a few other problems that might develop from neglect:

  • Inefficiency problems. It’s more likely that your air conditioner will use more energy to perform the same function if you leave it running unattended for an extended period. Get your commercial system serviced with Tempe AC Maintenance or call for early repairs when you see something is incorrect.
  • The previous year’s repairs are still needed. Unfortunately, if you have a repair that never got done last year, it will not go away magically. On the contrary, the situation frequently worsens during this time.
  • Temperatures that are too hot or too cold to bear. The longer a business air conditioner is neglected, the more likely it will start cranking up the thermostat temperature.
  • Your building was likely 68 degrees a few years ago, then 69, and now suddenly it won’t go lower than 75. This begs for substantial professional work that you’d be better off receiving ASAP.
  • Poor air quality. Neglect relates to poor indoor air quality because business owners typically forget about their air filters. If your system’s air filter isn’t cleaned and isn’t checked, particles will be more likely to get into and damage the parts inside your air conditioner.


Tempe AC Maintenance. What Happens to Neglected AC Units?


Where To Get Help and Avoid AC Maintenance Neglect?

There’s no reason to neglect any AC maintenance when experts are available. To be sure you stay up to date, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule maintenance or find out more about the best AC repairs or replacements.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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