Tempe AC Repair Common Winter Problems and How to Fix Them

Tempe AC Repair. Common Winter Problems and How to Fix Them

What are some of the most common reasons I'll require Tempe AC repair this winter? Is there refrigerant leaking from your system? Are carbon monoxide detectors sounding? Strange noises coming from your heater?

Even when temperatures are mild, winter may be difficult for our heating systems. We put them through a lot, so it's important to provide them with the care they require, whether it's routine maintenance or requesting repairs as soon as a problem arises.

You can find many homeowners in Tempe, Arizona, who have trouble with their heating. Those winter difficulties you've been dealing with this winter, last winter, or pretty much every winter, should end. Here are the most typical issues with heat pumps and furnaces and why you need the absolute best Tempe AC repair Rescue One Air at a moment's notice.


Refrigerant in Heat Pump Is Leaking

Many homeowners are completely ignorant of this problem. During our mild winters, many people rely on heat pumps to keep their homes warm, which means we see a lot of heat pump problems.

Because the word "refrigerant" is so close to the word "refrigerator," many homeowners mistakenly believe it is only used to cool rather than heat their home. The refrigerant is used to both heat and cool in a heat pump system.

This is important. If your heat pump leaks refrigerant at any point, the system's ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer will be harmed. When something that appears to be a minor problem is ignored, it might turn into a major source of the breakdown.

If you hear strange hissing or bubbling from a leaking refrigerant line, or if your heat pump isn't heating your home effectively and your bills are rising, call your Tempe AC repair right away to have this problem fixed.


Problems with Detectors and Sensors

When you have a gas furnace, detectors are important in your home. They're the first line of protection against fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and any other dangers that could arise from a broken heater.

If you come across a beeping detector, double-check that it isn't detecting anything dangerous.

Call for the best team to deliver AC maintenance before you run into serious issues. Our experts inspect your furnace for any gas, CO, or other exhaust emissions that may be leaking.

After you've made sure everything is safe, it's a good idea to replace the batteries in your detectors and get them tested. Under no circumstances may you remove them from your ceilings or walls because they are irritating.


Tempe AC Repair Common Winter Problems and How to Fix Them

Stop Annoying Heater Noises with Tempe AC Repair Experts

Heaters that are having trouble throughout the winter will frequently make noises to indicate their problems. Consider how, as you approach the finish line of a marathon, you become sloppy and make particular noises. If your heater is making strange noises, it is getting old and has to be replaced.

Screeching, squealing, rumbling, banging, booming, hissing, or rattling are all signs that something needs to be fixed.

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