Tempe AC Repair Service. Where is My Dirty AC Filter?

Is your home's air conditioning running a little hotter than usual, although the temperature on the thermostat remains the same? It's possible that your air filter needs to be replaced.

The air conditioner in your home will continue to blast cool air without interruption if the AC filter is replaced. Airflow is restricted when the air filter becomes clogged with trash and dust particles. A blocked filter can also lead to unit maintenance, a higher electric bill, and a reduced unit lifespan in the long run.

The good news is that replacing your air conditioner's filter is a straightforward procedure once you know where to look and use a Tempe AC maintenance expert.


Where Can I Find My Dirty AC Air Filter?

In most homes, the air filter is in a return duct near the thermostat. It's also most likely immediately near to the air handler on your air conditioning system.

The filter is usually located where the return duct enters the air handler in most units. However, if you have a unit with one but not the other, here is how they will look:

Ducts that return air:

This air conditioner features a grate on the ceiling, wall, or floor that has slatted apertures for air movement. They are often more significant than a typical air duct vent.

Hold your palm or a piece of paper up to the vent while the AC's fan is on to identify if it's a return vent. It's a return vent if the paper is dragged toward the vent or if you feel a suction effect. Tempe AC maintenance experts can clean air ducts if needed.

Air Handler:

The air handler is a huge metal box that houses the fan and motor of the air conditioner. It's mostly found in the attic or basement.

The replaceable filter can be found on the unit's left, right, top, or bottom? One thing to keep in mind about your air handler: the filter may fit into a small slot with instructions on inserting it. To access the air conditioner filter, air handlers are frequently unscrewed by hand or with a tool.

Look for a slot where an air filter should fit once you have located either system. Larger homes may have many systems, with different filters for each system. Tempe AC maintenance experts will know the exact location of your air handler.


How Do I Replace My Air Filter in Tempe, AZ?

Now that you know where to look for your AC's air filter, follow these steps to replace it, or, if you are unsure, you can use the Tempe AC maintenance experts as they can go through your entire system.

Please turn off your air conditioner, disconnect your air handler or grate from a return duct, and carefully take it out to remove your old filter. If the filter is unclean, wrinkled, gray, or clogged with dust, it will be discarded. Make sure the new filter is facing the same way as the previous one. Follow any directions printed on the new filter's package.

Air pulls in one direction, and you want it to pull towards your system, not away from it, as shown by the arrows.

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