Tempe AC Repair. My AC Has White Smoke; What Is It?

Tempe AC Repair. My AC Has White Smoke; What Is It

The odorless, white steam or smoke coming from your air conditioner is caused by too much water in the heater box. It indicates a clogged drain that needs to be cleaned. The steam or vapor gathered during the condensation process could have escaped when the air came in touch with it.

If this is the case, talk to your HVAC contractor about it. Once they've determined that the smoke is produced by pooled water in the drain hole, the only alternative is to pump the water out.

If it isn't this, you may want Tempe Air Conditioning Repair.


Why My AC Decides To Smoke?

When cool air collides with warm air, white smoke or fog might occur. When the temperature of the unit goes below its dew point, water vapor and moisture are produced. The water droplets condense in the air, resulting in smoke or fog.

The smoke will be considerably harsher if the humidity in your home is higher than usual. The low fan speed and blocked air filters because of debris could aggravate the problem.

When ventilation is restricted, cold can be exposed to damp air for long periods, resulting in a more severe problem and the need for Tempe Air Conditioning Repair.

Tempe AC Repair. My AC Has White Smoke; What Is It

Call Tempe AC Repair For Any White Smoke Issue

You're safe if the steam has no odor because it's most likely just a humidity or condensation issue. If it smells like burned wire from mechanical corrosion or something similar, you're in big trouble.

The humidity in your home is reduced when you use an air conditioner. However, the moisture must drain somewhere, and if your external drain hole is clogged, the excess condensate will cause fog.

If you've already checked your air filters and suspect a clogged drain hole, it's critical to have Tempe Air Conditioning Repair look at it as soon as possible. The fumes can be dangerous to breathe, depending on the source, especially if you have mold allergies.

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