Tempe AC Repair. Top 3 Signs You Need AC Repair

Unaddressed AC issues can easily accumulate and cause severe damage. A minor refrigerant leak can cause your compressor to work too hard, resulting in system failure.

Air conditioners aren't indestructible. However, with proper Tempe, AZ air conditioner repair, you can keep yours working for a decade or more!

So you can either live your life being perpetually disappointed by your broken air conditioner, or you can prepare for the next tough decision. If you're the latter, the list below may assist you in recognizing when your air conditioner is malfunctioning.

If you'd prefer not spend the money on a new air conditioner when your present one will suffice, take a look at these signs your air conditioner is giving you, and call Tempe, AZ air conditioner repair


Noticing the Signs of Impending Tempe, AZ Air Conditioner Repair

Obviously, you should contact a professional technician if you hear any weird noises coming from your air conditioner, or if it just isn't performing its job—it doesn't matter what the issue is. So, let's take a look at some of the most common indicators that an air conditioner is failing.


There could be a variety of problems with your air conditioner if it doesn't provide the same cooling power as it used to and you're paying higher energy expenditures. No matter what the outside temperature is, an air conditioner should keep you comfortable. Keep a tight eye on your energy costs and don't be afraid to compare them to the previous year's.


It's not a normal AC noise if you hear a bubbling or hissing noise. That most likely means you have a refrigerant leak, which can be costly to repair and can eventually cause your air conditioner to break down.

Clanging or moaning noises should also be investigated since a loose part, screw, or fan could grind on something it shouldn't. The longer these noises persist, the more expensive it will be to resolve this issue.


When you examine the various problems with your air conditioner, this is a huge one to think about.

Repairs may solve the problem if your air conditioner is noisy or inefficient, but air conditioners are only designed to last 10-15 years. The longer they keep working, the more repairs you'll have to make.

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What to Do And Where to Find Tempe AC Repair Experts?

If your air conditioner is making a noise or working less efficiently, and you only bought it a few years ago, arrange repairs right away. However, if your 20-year-old air conditioner acts up again, your troubles will only become worse.

Consider refrigerant leaks: old R-22 recharges will get increasingly expensive over time, whereas a new air conditioner could save you money in the long term.

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