Tempe AC Repair. Why Do Air Conditioners Keep Running?

Tempe AC Repair. Why Do Air Conditioners Keep Running?

What's up with my AC running nonstop? You should expect your air conditioner to run for longer than usual when the weather becomes warmer. While the weather is warm, you shouldn't be alarmed. If it's not hot outside, but your air conditioner is always running, and your home isn't comfortable, there's a problem.

Make sure this doesn't worsen by contacting your Tempe AC Repair Service. Here, you'll find the things that can trigger these issues.



How to Make Your Air Conditioner Stop Running All the Time

Restricted ventilation is a common cause of an air conditioner running nonstop.

You can try some quick fixes at home before calling a Tempe AC Repair Service technician.

Make sure the air filters are working correctly.

Dirty air filters might cause your air conditioner to run longer to bring in enough cool air to the inside of your home.

To check if your air filter is clogged, perform a visual inspection. Replace it if it looks to have been corrupted. At least once a month, inspect the filter for clogs and replace it when necessary.

All the vents must be open.

If your vents are closed, your air conditioner could not be getting enough air. As a result, your air conditioner has to work more to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

This can be remedied by opening all supply vents (air intake vents) in your home, even unused rooms. Your air conditioner will get more air into the room if you do this.

Inspect the Return Vent for Blocks.

The return vent of your air conditioner is where warm air enters to be cooled. It will constantly run if something is blocking your air conditioner. Depending on the architecture of your heating and cooling system, you may have over one return vent.


When Is the Best Time to Call a Tempe AC Repair Company?

A professional air conditioning firm like Rescue One Air could be needed to solve one or more of the following issues if you have attempted the above.

Problems with Refrigeration

Your air conditioner's refrigerant is a gas or a liquid circulating throughout the machine. Mostly, it serves as a heat sink. After absorbing heat from the indoor air, the refrigerant is transported outside and discharged into the outside air by the condenser (outdoor AC unit).

Because it is so crucial to the cooling process, you could consider refrigerant to be the lifeblood of your air conditioning system. When the refrigerant in your air conditioner runs low, it has a more challenging time cooling your house, resulting in more time spent running the system.

One of the most frequent causes of low refrigerant is a refrigerant leak. It is common to find refrigerant leaks in the conduit lines connecting the indoor and outdoor units and close to the compressor and evaporator.

After all, refrigerant is toxic to humans, and it's tough to remediate a leak. So instead, a professional HVAC technician should be called to find and fix the leak.


AC Components That Need to Be Cleaned

When the parts of your air conditioner are unclean, it can reduce its efficiency and make it run longer.

Dirt collects in two places on your air conditioner:

Because of its location outside, the condenser is susceptible to dirt and debris that can quickly build up and obstruct refrigerant flow.


Tempe AC Repair. Why Do Air Conditioners Keep Running?

Use a Tempe AC Replacement Service

If your cooling system is too tiny for your home, it will run constantly, but it won't be able to cool your house down enough. Load calculations are needed to evaluate if your air conditioner is the right size.

The precise amount of air conditioner you need will be determined by this complex calculation based on the specifics of your property.

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