Tempe AC Replacement. Best Variable Speed Air Conditioner?

If you're in the market for a new air conditioner, you're undoubtedly thinking about which is the best type of system for your Arizona house.

The brief answer is that a two-stage air conditioner is a smart choice for practically any home in the Tempe region. For central air conditioning, it's vital to remember that it's not the only choice. Here you can find out why these are beneficial and why you need the help of a Tempe AC replacement expert.

Single-Stage, Two-Stage, And Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

Single-stage air conditioning

AC systems with only one stage have only one speed: HIGH. If you have a single-stage air conditioner, it implies your air conditioner is on or off at full blast.

The most significant advantage is they are the least expensive of the three. Single-stage air conditioners have several drawbacks, including:

They aren't extremely productive- A single-stage air conditioner starts, turns on full blast, quickly cools the house, and then shuts off. This fast ON/OFF cycle prevents the machine from offering ideal comfort and consumes more energy than other types of air conditioners.

When compared to two-stage and variable-speed, they normally wear out the quickest.


Two-Stage AC

A two-stage air conditioner, unlike a single-stage air conditioner, has two settings: HIGH and LOW. The air conditioner will be low most of the time; however, it may be high on sweltering days.

Two-stage air conditioners are more expensive than single-stage air conditioners. However, as compared to single-stage air conditioners, two-stage air conditioners provide:

More efficiency- The low setting on a two-stage air conditioner allows it to run practically constantly. It may seem contradictory, but it is more effective to jogging longer at a slower speed since it avoids inefficient stopping and starting.

More uniform temperatures in your home- A two-stage air conditioner distributes air more evenly and helps minimize hot and cold patches in your home by running for longer periods of time.

Better dehumidification- A two-stage air conditioner runs for longer periods of time, giving it more time to dehumidify your home.

Longer longevity- A two-stage air conditioner isn't always on full blast, so it has a longer lifespan.


Variable Speed AC with Tempe AC Replacement

A variable-speed air conditioner does exactly what it says: it can run at high, low, and many levels in between.

Variable-speed air conditioners are the most expensive of the three, but they also have the following advantages:

Variable-speed air conditioners are the most efficient because they can ramp down to fit the particular cooling load required, ensuring that it never runs harder than it has to.

Variable-speed air conditioners are the best at producing accurate temperatures because they can “customize” their speed based on the temperature. This allows them to provide the evenest cooling.


Where to Find Variable Speed AC Replacement in Tempe?

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