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As a Tempe, AZ homeowner, you may already know the importance of periodically cleaning and replacing your HVAC air filter. A clean air filter is also essential for indoor air quality and AC longevity. In addition, without a good filter, you may need more frequent air conditioner repairs.

However, if you're looking for new HVAC filters, you'll find many options. While most HVAC systems employ 1-inch thick filters, others require filters of a different thickness. MERV ratings are used to rate the energy efficiency of air filters. A higher-rated air filter may be best if you wish to save energy.

Some air filters are only suitable for commercial or industrial situations. Incorrectly sized air filters need to be replaced more frequently, especially if your HVAC lacks the suction ability to blow through denser filters. In addition, lint, dust, and other debris can clog pipes and create electrical shorts.

The optimal HVAC system for your Tempe house relies on its size, brand, model, and MERV rating. To choose the best air filter, do your homework. For example, during an air conditioner servicing, ask your Rescue One Air HVAC specialist about air filters.


What Is A Merv Rating, And Which Is Best?

A MERV rating tells you how well your chosen air filter performs in energy efficiency. In addition, the rating determines how well an air filter can handle airborne particles of a specific size. The higher the rating, the better it removes microscopic airborne contaminants.

Not all MERV levels are suitable for residential HVAC systems. For example, your Tempe home can usually only utilize air filters with MERV ratings of 1 to 13. After that, it goes up to 20; however air filters rated 17 or above are generally acceptable for commercial buildings or specific uses, while filters rated 14-16 are usually only compatible with household air cleaners used with home HVAC systems.

Consider installing a larger MERV filter to boost your new system's efficiency. Aside from MERV, there are various filter types to pick from:


Fiberglass filters are inexpensive, disposable, and have low MERV ratings. They can effectively prevent HVACs from frequent air conditioner repairs, but they do not screen dust and other filters. Fiberglass air filters are the cheapest alternative, but they need to be replaced more regularly.

Pleated Filters

Cotton or polyester fiber pleated filters effectively trap impurities in your HVAC system. In addition, the pleat design gives more filtration surface area than fiberglass filters and hence lasts longer.


Eco-friendly consumers may choose a washable filter. Machine washable. Washable filters may easily last years and are considerably more eco-friendly (and cheaper!) than disposable filters. Their MERV ratings typically range from 6 to 11, and they come in several sizes to match your home's HVAC system.


Electrostatic filters come in disposable and washable varieties. Electrostatic filters can help collect tiny particles and prevent them from flowing throughout your home. However, incorrectly maintained electrostatic filters can cause air conditioner repairs; therefore, follow the filter's maintenance schedule.

UV Filters

UV filters, as the name implies, kill bacteria and viruses. While less effective in removing dust than other filters, they excel at reducing harmful bacteria.

HEPA Filters

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is another great option for a healthier air filter. These are recommended by the US Department of Energy and can efficiently screen up to 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants.


Where To Get Help With Tempe AC Repair

Where To Get Help With Tempe AC Repair and Change Filters?

The replacement of an air filter depends on its condition. Permanent air filters may need to be replaced less frequently than disposable low-rated air filters. Blockages can cause overheating and other symptoms if not replaced on time.

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