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Rescue One Air is the absolute best for Tempe, AZ air conditioning replacement. Is it true that having the most expensive, most energy-efficient HVAC system on the market ensures excellent comfort and cost savings? Even if you have all the best features in one unit, you won't achieve the efficiency it promises if it isn't installed correctly.

Rescue One Air knows how crucial it is to have a combination of high-quality equipment and proper installation to achieve exceptional comfort and savings in your home or business.

That is why we make it a point to pay close attention to every detail of our installation service. Here are three of the many things that could go wrong if your HVAC installation is installed improperly, and you need Tempe air conditioning replacement.


Wrong System Size

HVAC systems are available in various sizes, and the right one for your home will be determined by its size and cooling needs. Professionals conduct a sophisticated calculation to determine the size of the unit that best matches your space.

Some Tempe air conditioning replacement installers get this wrong and estimate the calculations, resulting in high energy bills.

An HVAC unit that is either too tiny or too massive will not benefit your home. Poor comfort, a high energy bill, costly maintenance, and early system failure will all ensue. Rescue One Air has the best experts who can make the correct calculations, thus resulting in the right-sized AC unit.


Incorrect Refrigerant Charge

An air conditioning system's refrigerant should be charged according to the manufacturer's specifications. The unit's continuing operation depends on this.

Undercharged refrigerants can cause ice formation in coils, poor cooling performance, and overheating your air conditioner's compressor engine.

On the other side, an overcharged refrigerant can cool your home but is not as effective as an adequately charged A/C. You'll see the results when your energy bill arrives.

Leaking Air Ducting Needs Tempe AC Experts

Correct installation includes duct inspection, repair, and possible replacement. One of the most prevalent causes of HVAC inefficiency is a leaking air duct. Your investment will be wasted even if you have the most up-to-date HVAC system if your air duct is leaking air into your attic and between the walls.

Hiring the best HVAC specialist to inspect, repair, or upgrade your air duct for better performance will surely increase your comfort and save you money.

Regardless of the season, proper installation will keep your family safe and your home comfortable. If you require skilled assistance while planning a system upgrade or replacement, please contact our professionals at Rescue One Air.

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