Top 5 Issues for AC Repair. Phoenix Air AC Repair

With the start of a new cooling season, your air conditioner will be used more frequently. Similarly, your air conditioner will have another year of service. We don't want to seem pessimistic, but a new cooling year brings another opportunity for repair issues to arise.

We'll go over some frequent AC repair issues to keep an eye out for below. Allowing these difficulties to persist might reduce your efficiency or possibly lead to more severe problems in the future, so contact a Phoenix air conditioning repair specialist if you detect them in your system.


Filters Clogged

It's not surprising that folks overlook this one because it's so essential. No one should have to deal with the aggravation of their air conditioner breaking down because of something as easy as a dirty air filter, so please check it once a month. The purpose of the air filter is to keep dirt and dust out of the AC. The filter prevents any of these impurities from entering the system, preventing dirt from gathering on the coils and sensitive components. When the filter is full, it can no longer convey pure air.


Leak of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system, constantly running through it and transporting hot and cold air. You're not intended to replace it or lose any, just like blood. Under ideal circumstances, your air conditioner will run on the same charge of refrigerant for several years. Therefore, a refrigerant leak may be so dangerous to your system. Pinhole leaks can deplete refrigerant over time, upsetting the balance and pushing your air conditioner to run with less.


Evaporator Coils That Have Been Frozen

In your indoor unit, you'll find your evaporator coils. They are to decrease the temperature of the refrigerant that circulates through your air conditioner. An icy evaporator coil is, of course, a positive sign. All that ice will do is prevent your home's valuable chilly air from dissipating. Refrigerant leakage can cause frozen evaporator coils, therefore contact and find out.


Contaminated Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are on the outside unit. Simply put, it performs the opposite function of the evaporator coil, expelling the heat it collects from your home. What if this coil is encrusted with dirt? The heat cannot disperse effectively, trapping it inside. If the coil continues to function in this manner for an extended period, an early AC breakdown will occur. It's relatively uncommon for outdoor units to gain more dirt and dust than inside units, so have it inspected.


Broken Blowers and Phoenix AC Repair

One for the outside unit and one for the indoor unit. Your unit includes two blowers. They both do the same thing: blow away the air that gathers around the coils. To avoid overheating, the outside unit sends stifling air outside. Cool air is blown into your home by your indoor fan. When one of these fans fails, the air surrounding the coils will overheat or freeze.

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