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If you're not one of the thousands of residents of Arizona who experience seasonal allergies, the weather in that state can be rather pleasant. But unfortunately, your body can suffer from the wind and dry air, which combine with everything from pet dander to wildflowers and desert blooms to cause mayhem.

If you have pet or pollen allergies, you may have pondered if an air scrubber could be of help. Yes, to answer briefly. Air scrubbers are excellent for enhancing indoor air quality, lowering allergy symptoms, and avoiding frequent illness.

Once installed, it helps to have Phoenix AC Maintenance to ensure they work as intended.



Air Scrubbers Clean Indoor Air from Contaminants 

Whole-house air scrubbers may remove the air in your home from contaminants, including mold spores, pollen, dust, and fungi, which could worsen respiratory conditions (such as allergies).

Scrubbers can also disinfect the air in your home, enhancing the overall quality of the air there and reducing allergy risk. Installing an air scrubber using innovative technology is a standard solution, for instance, if you have allergies to pets or pollen.

Pet odors, pet hair, and pollen are eliminated thanks to the device's use of a honeycomb matrix to filter contaminants. In addition, it functions by filtering the interior air for the contaminants above, using the honeycomb matrix of the scrubber.

After the scrubber has finished filtering out the contaminants, the interior air is sterilized by a strong UV germicidal lamp inside the system. Some air scrubbers can even lower your risk of getting sick.

Air scrubbers can aid by removing minute airborne impurities if you have respiratory issues or live in an environment that is difficult for your respiratory system. This lessens the strain on your body, which enhances your body's ability to fend off illness.

Some scenarios when an air scrubber could enhance your indoor air quality and, your health and comfort are listed below:


  1. You live in a heavily polluted environment.
  2. No matter how slight, you have allergies or asthma.
  3. You frequently get bronchitis or sore throats.
  4. You live with a smoker.
  5. Although you have pets, you have a pet dander allergy.


Installing an air scrubber could improve your respiratory system, lessen allergy symptoms, and lessen your risk of contracting a virus if any of the scenarios above apply to you.


Easy Maintenance With Phoenix AC Maintenance and Rescue One Air

Installing an air scrubber has many advantages, like improving the interior airway and being a simple system to maintain. In addition, since air scrubbers don't have any parts that need to be replaced frequently, there is essentially no maintenance.

It is effectively "set it and forget it" after installation because it is made to live within your existing HVAC system.

For a time, if you put an air scrubber with Active Pure technology in your air ducts, it will automatically turn on whenever your air conditioner turns on. No manual labor is required.


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