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What Size HVAC System Do I Need? You may already have an air conditioner about to break down, or you may need a new one for a new home. A common concern is the size of the necessary AC replacement. When installing a new system in your house, this is an essential question because an AC system that is too large would waste money and energy each month.

Installing a small AC replacement device means your house won't stay as warm or cool as you'd like.

You will learn why it's best to leave all the estimates to your local Chandler AC replacement experts.


How to Calculate AC Replacement Size

To figure out what size AC system you need, follow these three simple steps. Calculate the square footage of your home first. Then calculate how many BTUs and tons of cooling you'll need. Finally, choose the type of unit you want to buy. Already, you can see why your Chandler AC replacement experts are best to be used.


Calculate Homes Square Footage & Base BTU

The first step in determining what size HVAC system your home requires is to determine the square footage of your home. By measuring the length and width of each room in your house, you can determine its size. Carry on with the procedure in each room and hallway of your home.

Heating or cooling a square foot in your home uses around 25 BTUs. To calculate the minimum number of BTUs needed to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, multiply the total square footage of your home by 25.


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Pick Your AC Replacement Unit

Using the Manual J process, a skilled technician can improve your calculations. The number of people living at home, the average temperature in your city, and other variables are all considered in this estimate. The type of insulation used in your home and several other factors all influence the temperature.

This estimate will assist a skilled AC replacement installer in determining the best units for your home, allowing you to choose from various HVAC systems.

To be sure you have full support from a reputable company, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule your AC replacement or find out the range of AC units you can choose.

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