What are Symptoms of Bad AC Thermostat? Tempe AC Maintenance



What are the symptoms of a bad AC thermostat? Many things can stem from a bad AC thermostat.

Modern HVAC programmable thermostats have improved from the simple dial models you set manually. You needed to remember the temperature your home required to be at various times of the day.

Such revolutionary designs help save hundreds of dollars on utility bills as your AC system only turns on when it's needed, and it also keeps your home comfortable.

While programmable gadgets have improved in intelligence and precision, some users find them a challenge to use. A minor misunderstanding of how these works mean you can miss various problems, including poor AC performance and system failure.

Here you can learn things to look out for and why it is wise to call Rescue One Air your Tempe air conditioning maintenance experts.


Tempe Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts Deal with Many Issues

If you have repeated heating or cooling problems, you can try these to see if it helps, or you can call your Tempe Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts right away.


Does Your AC Turn Off and On Quickly?

It could be an issue with your thermostat if your AC system is turning on and off too often, commonly known as rapid cycling. Dirt can lead to rapid cycling when it gets on the contacts. If your system cycles too often, you can check the following or sign up for regular Tempe air conditioning maintenance.


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