When Do I get an AC Service? Tempe, AZ AC Maintenance

When Do I get an AC Service? Air conditioners, as well as heating, should be maintained once a year, according to specialists.

The finest season is spring, but you will require A/C maintenance regularly to keep your system running well.

Regularly maintaining your air conditioner saves both time and money. Follow the specialists' advice and make sure your air conditioner is working correctly during the hotter months of the year.

Here you can learn more about your Tempe, AZ Air Conditioning Maintenance professionals to keep your system in peak running order.


What Do I Get with AC Maintenance in Tempe, AZ

Fortunately, you might not need a professional to maintain your air conditioner. You can manage some of the work yourself or call a professional air conditioning maintenance firm.

Changing the air filter is necessary to keep your machine in good working order. You might not need professional AC repair because all you have to do is find the filter slot, slide out the old filter, and replace it. Observe the airflow and decide which side should face out.

Filters come in a variety of "strengths," depending on how cleansed you want the air in your home to be. They must be replaced at various intervals. If you have pets, for example, you can change the filter once a month and upgrade to a higher-rated filter.

If you have family members who are allergic to dust, this is also true. Filters should be changed at least once every 90 days, and you may save time by having your air conditioning service do it for you.


When Do Professionals Maintain My Air Conditioner?

It is time to check a few more items off your to-do list now that the new filter is available. First, make sure all the indoor vents are clean. Pour a cup of bleach mixed with water down the drain of the outdoor unit to prevent mold and algae accumulation.

Then, check that the unit works correctly: If you turn on your air conditioner and hear a noise or find that it is not blowing cool air, you will need to contact a Tempe AC repair agency. The sooner you begin, the better, as you do not want a simple task to turn into a significant project.

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