When should you turn off the AC? Chandler AC Repair

Unless you have an AC problem and want to leave it off for a long time, over 4 hours is considered a lengthy period. When you’re at work or the weather is pleasant enough that your home doesn’t require air conditioning, it’s OK to turn it off.

Once you do this, it’s time to call Chandler, AZ, air conditioning repair for help.


My AC Won’t Cool Below Warm

If your air conditioner isn’t working, check to see if the condenser is operating outside. Check that the device is turned on and that the temperature on your thermostat is set correctly.

Reduce your thermostat by 10 degrees and check to see if it affects your AC’s ability to cool. Another possibility is that your air conditioner has tripped a circuit breaker, which is a simple fix but should be checked if it occurs frequently.

If your air conditioner won’t turn on or the coils are frozen, it’s possible that the motor or compressor has to be replaced.


How To Increase AC cooling?

The air condenser may be blocked if your air conditioner comes on and your thermostat is set appropriately, but your system still doesn’t cool. The first step is to look for any trash or weeds that could restrict airflow on the external device.

After that, double-check that your filter is still in good working order. When the filter becomes clogged, airflow to the evaporator coil is restricted, causing it to freeze. If you have pets or use your air conditioner frequently, you may need to change your filter more regularly. Remove your filter to check if you can see through it as a comparison.

If your air conditioner is still not cooling, you may have a compressor or refrigerant issue, in which case you should get professional assistance.


Where is My AC Repair in Chandler, AZ

If your air-con is powered on and adjusted appropriately, but your home is still too hot, you may have a unit that isn’t the suitable size for your home. Remember that your cooling system should be configured to keep your home cool on a regular day.

If your air conditioner still can’t keep up on a hot summer day, it could be because of a charging issue or a frozen evaporator coil. Let’s imagine you need to chill your house quickly, or you want to avoid future costly repairs.

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