Why Does My AC Make Strange Noises? Phoenix, AZ AC Repair

Why Does My AC Make Strange Noises? Phoenix, AZ AC Repair

If your air conditioner is making strange or loud noises, it may have a problem that needs immediate attention.

While bothersome, noise from your air conditioner may show an issue that needs fixing, such as a failing fan motor or compressor before it becomes too severe or expensive to repair.

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Many Strange AC Sounds Lead to Phoenix AC Repair

There is a wide variety of noises, some gentler than others. A worn blower fan belt or a lack of lubricant are potential culprits for this commotion.

For repairmen, this is a simple problem to solve. If the furnace blower motor shrieks, it could be damaged. Without a properly functioning blower, much of the heat produced by the furnace is lost and not distributed throughout the structure.

It's possible that the motor is dead, or the fans have stopped working. Get in touch with a qualified Phoenix, Arizona, air conditioning repair professional.

You could spend more money if you wait too long to fix your air conditioner after noticing a problem.

If you ignore these noises for too long, you risk having your furnace shut off and your fan stops working correctly.


  • If you hear metal clanging on metal in your furnace, you know the blower wheel is broken. The motor mount could have come loose from its housing as well. To avoid further damage to the wheel, you should immediately turn off the furnace and contact an HVAC repair professional in Phoenix. Regrettably, fixing it could be pricey.
  • An accumulation of gas results from a delay in ignition brought on by dirt and debris. As a result, small but potentially lethal explosions result when activating the gadget. If you want to avoid making pricey mistakes, choosing a company that specializes in fixing furnaces is best.
  • It could be as simple as a missing screw or as complex as a broken heat exchanger. It's dangerous because a broken heat exchanger can release poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the home. Even though it's a faint noise, it's hard to disregard.


Why Does My AC Make Strange Noises? Phoenix, AZ AC Repair

Find Trustworthy Air Conditioning Maintenance in Phoenix

Regular maintenance from a company like Rescue One Air in Phoenix, Arizona, can help eliminate the potential for the noises above to occur.

If maintenance isn't kept up every year, the quality of the air within will suffer. In addition, monthly heating expenditures and the price of maintenance and repairs could go up.

If the problem with your furnace has already emerged, call a repair service to schedule an appointment. When you bring in a pro, they'll examine the situation more carefully, apply the repairs, and put your mind at ease.

To ensure you are dealing with the right company, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule maintenance or find out more about the best AC repair for noises in your home or office; you can complete the compact form below for a fast response.

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