Why Is Air Conditioner Squeaking? Tempe AC Same Day Repair

Why Is Air Conditioner Squeaking? Tempe AC Same Day Repair

Squeaking machines is especially true for older air conditioners. So, while you'll always be able to hear your air conditioner running, it shouldn't make loud noises like squeaking or squealing.

You should have it repaired if your AC is making unusual or loud noises. Let's look at frequent AC faults that generate squealing noises and how to fix them with Rescue One Air Tempe same day AC repair.


Misaligned Or Worn-Out Belt

A belt may be broken, worn out, or misplaced if your AC is making squealing noises. Older ACs are belt driven, whereas contemporary ones are direct drive. The belt connects the motor to the fan and transfers energy so that the fan spins when the motor is running.

Depending on the age and type of AC, you may have a belt that drives the blower fan within the building and another belt that drives the fan in the AC compressor outdoors.

If the blower fan belt is the problem, you'll hear squealing at the air handler and through the vents. If the AC compressor belt is broken, you'll only hear the noise outside or through the walls in nearby rooms.

While you can replace the belt yourself, having a Rescue One Air professional do it for you is best. This is especially true for the AC compressor belt, since you might easily damage the unit, leading to more costly repairs.


Bearings: Need To Be Oiled or Replaced

Direct-drive AC compressor systems use bearings instead of a belt. These bearings, like a belt, can make a squealing noise when worn out. Bearings may be OK but not well lubricated.

Most ACs have sealed bearings that never need oiling, but some do. You should hire a Rescue One Air professional AC technician to grease or replace the bearings, so you don't damage the compressor.


Other Noises Needing Tempe AC Same Day Repair

Other unusual sounds from your air conditioner may signify a problem. For example, rattling, buzzing, or many things can cause humming. For example, noise could suggest the compressor fan motor is worn or imbalanced. If the motor is worn, the compressor fan won't spin.

This can cause the entire unit to vibrate and make a loud rattling or buzzing noise.

Loose fan blades or other compressor parts may rattle or buzz. This problem can also develop within the building if the blower fan blades are loose, or the air handler or blower fan isn't balanced.

Worn rubber "isolation feet" may make rattling or buzzing noises. Heat, cold, and moisture can start or damage rubber. Unbalanced, the unit vibrates and produces noise.

Your AC compressor may bang. This means debris is obstructing the fan blades. To check if this is the issue, turn off the compressor and look inside for anything that could obstruct the fan blades. If the fan blades are clean and the noise persists, have a professional inspect the unit.

Air conditioners can also make a bubbling or gurgling noise. Clogged condensates drain lines are the most prevalent cause. Unclog the drain line to fix this issue. Depending on how clogged the drain is, you may need a professional.


Why Is Air Conditioner Squeaking? Tempe AC Same Day Repair

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