Why Is My Heat Pump Not Blowing Hot Air? AC Repair Phoenix



Why Is my heat pump not blowing hot air? Is often be asked when the nights get cold. At certain times, you can also ask why’s my AC not blowing cold. The weather’s freezing outside.

Nothing happens when you change the temperature setting on your furnace. You can hear a clicking sound and realize that this is the source of your high energy bills. You’ll need the help of a Phoenix AC repair company that is familiar with heating furnaces.

Heat pumps have a long lifespan and will function for up to 25 years.

You’ll find a difference between restoring and fixing as heat pumps, like any device, will face problems.

Here are some signs you need a professional AC repair service in Phoenix to fix your heating furnace.


Why Is My Heat Pump Not Blowing Hot Air?

Here are a few signs your need heating furnace repair pump needs repair.

Some issues may mean your furnace heat pump needs replacing by AC repair professionals.

Whatever the problem, act quickly and consult a professional to minimize the harm. You’ll have a significant chance of saving money by just needing maintenance this way.

Increasing Energy Bills

Be sure to audit your energy consumption and external factors first to see if any other changes you’ve made could explain the sudden spike in price. Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to improve/restore the efficiency of your heat pump.

But the easiest thing to do is call an AC Repair Phoenix to come to look for you. The problem could also be more serious, or the pump may be old and past its best, meaning it needs to be replaced.

Poor Heating or Cooling

If your pump isn’t pumping cool air as per its setting, you’ll want to get that checked out. It isn’t necessarily the end of the pump.

But it could indicate serious issues that need to be addressed and repaired. If you’re getting no warm air in cool weather settings, you’re probably getting too hot air.

Air Not Pumping

Temperatures may be set correctly, but if the air supply isn’t sufficient, you’ll notice temperature changes. It could just be the filter that needs cleaning, or it could be time for your Phoenix same-day AC repair.

Strange Noises

There’s probably a problem if, suddenly, you hear a rattling, or a shaking, or any other unusual sounds erupting from your pump. A fully functioning heat pump should run smoothly and quietly.

The sound itself could come from many mechanical defects, including faulty vents, filters, or motors. Regardless of the source, search quickly for a solution and seek a professional repair.

Malfunctioning All the Time

All heat pumps require servicing and maintenance to keep them running correctly. It’s recommended that you get a service at least once a year anyway, even if there’s no apparent issue. Pay attention if your pump plays up constantly throughout the year. Remember: you can’t afford to wait too long for a repair that needs doing.


Where to Find AC Repair Specialists

Your heat pump almost certainly needs repair if it’s not regulating the temperature in line with its settings. Suppose it isn’t emitting enough air and causing high bills. Contact Rescue One Air to schedule any air conditioning maintenance, or if you have other urgent needs or questions, drop us a line and complete the compact form below for a fast response.

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