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Our quiet little town has grown up a lot over the past several years, and as anybody who has spent even a single summer here knows, it can get brutally hot during the long summer months.

There are few things worse than spending the afternoon watching a game in town, only to come home and discover that your home feels like an oven because your air conditioner went on the blink while you were out. You need an AC repair.

If that should happen to you, just call Rescue One! We’re the area’s #1 heating and air conditioning service company, offering a range of services you’ll love, including:

  • ’round the clock emergency service you can count on
  • Seasonal tune ups to keep your equipment in top form
  • New system installations
  • And a whole lot more

All of our technicians are NATE certified professionals, so you never have to worry about the quality of the work we perform.

Goodyear Air Conditioner Repair

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One of the more common questions we get from our customers is when’s the right time to replace your equipment? It’s a fair question, because the older your system gets, the more often it’s going to need to be repaired, and at a certain point, it’s just no longer cost effective, so the question becomes – when is that time?

The answer varies of course, but below is a good general guide:

  • Less Than Ten Years Old – At this age, you’re almost always better off repairing, rather than replacing.
  • Eleven to Fifteen Years Old – This is a bit of a gray area. If you’ve kept up with the maintenance, then repair is probably still a viable option, but if maintenance has been spotty, it may be worth your while to consider replacing.
  • More Than Fifteen Years – At this point, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify continuing with repairs. Buying new will get you a system that’s vastly more efficient, which will save you money in your monthly power bills, in addition to requiring fewer repairs because it’s brand new.

Carrier Air Conditioner Repair

Our goal is to be more than just the company you call when you need emergency repairs. We want to build a long term working relationship with you and be your default choice for all your Goodyear Carrier AC system needs. Contact us today and experience the Rescue One difference for yourself.