Everything You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

We Arizonans love our central air conditioning. Our weather is warm enough that we use it almost all year round, and we can’t even think about living without air conditioning during the summer. With temperatures well over 100 degrees, having a fully functioning air conditioner is essential. Most AC units run 24 hours a day in the summer in Arizona, which is a tremendous strain on the system and will inevitably lead to breakdowns and failures. Our professional team here at Rescue One Air is here to help!

Replacing an AC unit, however, is a significant and often dreaded expense—many homeowners hope never to need new AC units.

Of course, people don’t always get to choose when to replace their AC unit.

As units age, their parts begin to wear out, and the units become less efficient. The expense of repairs can add up, or worse still, the unit can fail altogether, causing a major inconvenience for your family along with a costly unexpected replacement.

  • Your AC unit is more than 10 years old.
  • Your unit does not have a good SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating).
  • Unexpected repairs are becoming more frequent.
  • Your utility costs are increasing, despite efforts to be more efficient.
  • Some areas of your home are too warm, while others are too cold.
  • The unit makes sudden loud noises.
  • Your home feels too humid.

If any of these factors sound familiar, it might be time to consider a new cooling and heating system. The first thing to consider is what type of system you’ll want to replace your old one. New air conditioning systems are much more efficient than they were even a few years ago. Units that have an Energy Star® label have met the Department of Energy’s guidelines for energy efficiency. You should also look for a unit that has a SEER rating of at least 14. Not only will this impact your home’s comfort level, but you’ll also see an improvement in your monthly energy bills.

Remember to get the proper size unit for your home. Air conditioners come in a variety of capacities, and the wrong unit can waste time and money. A unit that is too small will not stand up to the heat of the summer, and an oversized unit can actually cause a decrease in efficiency. The best way to be sure you’re choosing the right AC unit is to call a certified HVAC specialist to perform a load calculation on your home. A full ductwork inspection will be helpful, and a skilled technician will conduct a full survey of your home’s floor space to determine the exact size for your needs.

Air conditioner replacement is a big and costly decision. It is highly recommended that the homeowner contact a company that specializes in new HVAC systems. AC systems appear relatively simple to repair, but incorrect equipment and improper installation will undoubtedly cost the homeowner more time and money than necessary.

Our trained staff at Rescue One Air is available to assist with installation, repairs, ductwork, and any of your HVAC needs, both residential and commercial. Family owned and operated, Rescue One Air is one of Phoenix’s most trusted HVAC specialists. We believe in customer relationships, and it would be our pleasure to keep your home cool and comfortable for as many years as you own it!