Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix

With high temperatures in the triple digits from June to September, home and business owners in Phoenix must have an air conditioner in good working condition. The other months are plenty warm as well. However, it isn’t always easy to determine when you need air conditioning repair in Phoenix. Perhaps your unit makes an unusual noise or you’re not getting the full cooling effect that you need to remain comfortable. Unless you have specialized HVAC training, it’s best to call a professional to diagnose and correct the problem.

Common Air Conditioning Performance Issues

Are conditioners are supposed to run quietly in the background, not make loud or unpredictable noises. When they do, it may indicate that the motor is going bad or parts within the unit have become loose or disconnected. If the problem persists for more than one day, be sure to call for air conditioning repair in Phoenix.

The air coming from your unit should be strong and flow evenly throughout your home or business. A weakened airflow may indicate a problem with the air conditioner’s blower unit. Not only does having a weakened airflow leave you feeling uncomfortable, it also affects the quality of your indoor air. When this problem arises, you should first check the filter to ensure that it is clean. If not, replace it with a new filter to see if that resolves the problem. Should the issue persist even after replacing the filter, contact an air conditioning repair specialist in Phoenix.

An air conditioner that blows warm air or takes too long to reach the desired temperature is another common problem. An HVAC technician can usually resolve this problem by replacing the unit’s coolant fluid. When that doesn’t work, he or she may need to perform additional diagnostics to determine why your air conditioner is not cooling as expected.

You can reduce the need for frequent air conditioner repairs by making a small investment in preventive maintenance. This enables technicians to diagnose and correct minor problems before they become costly to fix later.

R-22 Use

Units that are still using R-22 coolant should be heavily scrutinized for replacement, particularly if the issue is a leak. Manufacturers stopped making these types of units in 2010 and the refrigerant itself will no longer be available after 2020. Because of this, R-22 repairs have become very costly, and more environmentally friendly and efficient compressors are recommended when these fail.

Energy Efficiency

The final factor to consider in your air conditioning repair vs. replacement decision is energy efficiency. If your energy bills have been steadily rising, it is likely that your system is not as efficient, and a new one could produce significant savings. Energy standards have changed in recent years, and the new Federal Standard is 13 SEER. If your unit is still a 10 SEER unit, it could be 30% less efficient than a new one if it is working properly. Also, by upgrading and replacing a unit, many people are able to take advantage of local incentives and federal tax credits.

Making the decision to repair or replace an A/C unit isn’t always an easy one. If your air conditioning repair estimate is very low, you may be better off simply repairing the issue. However, better efficiencies and a new unit with a warranty are important considerations when it comes to making the choice to replace. Your qualified technician can help you make the right choice for your particular situation.