Affordable Air Conditioner Replacement

Most people consider air conditioning installation when their AC unit is inefficient or needs extensive repairs. Even when repairs start to become frequent and costly, it can be difficult to know if you should continue to pay for them or invest in a new air conditioner. Air conditioner prices can vary based on size and brand. Not all AC units for sale are equal. Often, people believe they need a new air conditioning unit. Choosing the right company that you can trust will make all the difference. According to Energy Star, a program of the United States Department of Energy, the following factors indicate that replacement is the better option:

  • The unit is more than 10 years old
  • Your air conditioner does not have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)
  • You frequently have to pay for unexpected repairs
  • Your energy costs are increasing, despite your efforts to be more efficient
  • Some areas of your home or business are too warm, while others are too cold
  • The unit makes sudden loud noises throughout the day or night
  • There is too much humidity present in your home or business

New AC Unit Install

Affordable AC Replacement

Air Conditioning Replacement Chandler, AZ

After you make the decision to go ahead with air conditioning replacement, it’s important to take your time selecting a new unit to ensure that it meets your needs for comfort and efficiency. When you see an Energy Star label on an air conditioner, it means that it has passed stringent efficiency standards from the federal government. Another way to make sure that you select an energy-efficient unit is to look for one with a SEER rating of at least 14.

It is also essential to select a new air conditioner that meets the demands of your home or business as well as your typical climate. It should not be oversized, as this tends to decrease overall efficiency.

Even residential HVAC units are built with a wide variety of capacities. You must purchase a system that meets the airflow requirements of your house. If you don’t, you’ll place too much strain on a smaller unit or waste money and power on a larger unit. A full inspection of the ductwork in your home is helpful, and a full survey of the floor space will tell an experienced AC technician exactly what system will serve your needs the best.

The AC installation decision is an important one. We want long-term relationships, not one-time sales, so we’ll do our utmost to work with you, considering personal factors such as your budget and indoor comfort needs in making the right decision with replacement.

You only need to pick up the phone, dial 602-887-7973, and schedule your air conditioning replacement with our skilled, trained professionals. When you entrust your air conditioning install to the experts on our staff, you’ll have nothing to worry about when you need your AC replaced. Let us help you beat the heat this summer. We’ll ensure that you have the right air conditioner installed for your home.