Chandler AZ Air Conditioning Repair. How to Find Refrigerant Leak in AC

Chandler AZ Air Conditioning Repair

If your AC in Chandler, AZ isn't cooling properly, you might have a refrigerant leak. Look for oil stains near your AC unit. If you hear hissing noises, see ice buildup, or feel less cool air, there could be a leak.

You can try DIY leak kits or contact Rescue One Air for professional help. Use tools like soap bubbles or electronic detectors to find leaks accurately. Acting quickly is important for safety and efficiency. Getting expert assistance ensures proper repairs.

Fixing leaks right away helps prevent bigger problems. Our tips give you the guidance you need for keeping your AC in good shape.


Identifying Refrigerant Leak in AC

If you think your AC may have a refrigerant leak, first check for any oil or refrigerant stains around the AC parts. Signs of a leak include less cool air, hissing noises by the unit, or ice on the lines.

It's important to fix leaks quickly for safety and efficiency. While you can try DIY leak kits, it's best to call Rescue One Air for professional help.


Refrigerant Leak Detection Techniques

At Rescue One Air, we use special tools and techniques to find leaks in your AC system. We use soap bubbles or electronic detectors to locate the exact spot of the leak. These methods are important to make sure your air conditioner works safely and efficiently.

Once we find the leak, we can fix it by sealing it with a special sealant or replacing broken parts. It's crucial to fix leaks quickly to avoid any health risks or damage to the system.


Leak Detection Tools

At Rescue One Air, we use special tools to find leaks in your AC system. We use electronic detectors to sniff out leaks by detecting gases in the air. These detectors give us fast and accurate results, so our team can quickly locate and fix any leaks.

We also use ultrasonic scanners to find leaks by listening for high-pitched sounds made by escaping refrigerant. These tools help us take care of the problem right away, making sure it's safe and effective.

Trust Rescue One Air to keep your AC running smoothly!


Chandler AZ Air Conditioning Repair

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