Tempe AC Replacement. Is Dual Fuel Heating Worth It?


Tempe AC Replacement. Is Dual Fuel Heating Worth It?If you’ve asked, “What is a dual fuel heating system?” then you’re not alone. Before we can get to answering whether it’s worth it for you, we’re going to have to discuss what precisely a dual fuel heating system is.

Electric heat pumps and gas furnaces aren’t perfect all the time. In a milder region, gas furnaces may be overkill, and an electric heat pump may be ideal for most of the year, except for a few chilly nights where it cannot operate well. Due to the difficulty in deciding between gas and electric, dual fuel heating in Tempe, AZ, can help.

We may have mild winters, but now and then, we get some frigid nights. One creative solution to this problem is to use a dual fuel heating system.

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Tempe AC Replacement Offers Best of Both Worlds

The year-round efficiency of an electric heat pump is combined with the power of a gas furnace in dual-fuel systems. These two technologies, when used together, comfort that no single system can match.


Increase Efficiency

Heat pumps and gas furnaces each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Heat pumps are incredibly effective in warm areas. Still, a few wintry nights a year can be a significant stumbling block because they can’t adequately transmit heat, and their power lowers dramatically.

Gas furnaces provide tremendous warmth all year, but we don’t need it for more than a handful of cold months in our environment.

They can overcome their shortcomings by combining these techniques and working together as one. When the temperature goes below a particular threshold, and your heat pump no longer moves heat efficiently, it’s time for the furnace to take over where you get heating at the lowest possible cost.


Environmentally Friendly AV and Heating with Tempe AC Replacement

Increased efficiency equals long-term comfort. Why waste energy or gasoline that you don’t need? A heat pump runs on electricity, which is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Natural gas, a clean-burning fuel that is highly economical in our area, is used by your gas furnace on those cold evenings. Choosing between gas and electricity would squander a significant amount of energy or fuel. A dual-fuel heating system prevents energy waste from becoming a concern.


Tempe AC Replacement. Is Dual Fuel Heating Worth It?

Find Your AC Replacement in Tempe for a Great ROI

While Rescue One Air understands installing a dual fuel heating system can be costly at first, you will save a significant amount of money in the long term.

Heat pumps operate at a quarter of the expense of a gas or electric furnace in temperate regions, while the gas furnace will cost less to operate on those chilly nights. Because two systems are operating together, you’re essentially spending the least amount of money for fuel or energy imaginable!

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