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Why is my ductless AC dripping water? There are many reasons why your ductless AC can leak water, but the most common is a clogged drain line.

When an AC device is turned on, the coil in the interior unit draws moisture from the air. If the drain line gets clogged, the water would not be able to drain outside. Now is the time for air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix to get it cleaned and checked.


How Do Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance Fix Blocked Drain?

It can be an easy task to unblock a drain line, yet not every person is comfortable or physically capable of undertaking this task.

Here you can see all the steps involved with checking the drain line.

  1. Turn off your air conditioning system.
  2. Remove the air filters and before you put them back, vacuum and spray them with your garden hose and leave them on the side to dry. 
  3. Remove the front of your indoor air conditioning unit. The steps for this can vary based on indoor AC unit type.
  4. Locate and access your drainpipe. You often find this near the bottom of the indoor air conditioning unit, close to the wall. It may be held in position. Remove the drain line by removing the clips or screws and pull it downward.
  5. Before disconnecting the drain line from the AC unit, ensure your bucket is ready to catch any water.
  6. Connect the end of the drain line to a shop-vac so you can remove any clog.
  7. Reconnect the drain line back to the AC unit and replace the front plate before fitting your dry air filters.


Contact Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance to Fix Drain Line

If you are not sure you can tackle the above, it is best to let the professionals deal with the job. It may appear easy, yet other issues can cause this problem, and if you don’t know them, your AC repair bill could be much higher.

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