Annual Tempe AC Maintenance To Extend AC Lifespan

Does your air conditioner require annual maintenance? An air conditioner or AC is one of the most pleasant home furnishings for a quiet existence. Keeping the heat inside all summer, they help those living in air-conditioned rooms be more comfortable.

The anti-dust filters, built-in stabilizers, and automatic temperature control of modern air conditioners make a peaceful night's sleep possible. However, regular maintenance is necessary for air conditioners to operate at their best, just as with other equipment.

Ensure your air conditioner is in excellent working order before it is too late. Set up yearly maintenance with Rescue One Air to use dependable cooling all year.


The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance. Tempe, Arizona

The good news is that not every time professional AC maintenance is required. You can either hire a reputable AC maintenance firm to come in and perform it for you, or you can do some of the work yourself.

To ensure proper machine operation, air filters must frequently be changed. If you can locate the filter slot, remove the old filter, and replace it, you can fix your air conditioner without calling an expert. Instead, consider the direction of the wind to decide which side should be exposed.

You can select a filter whose "strength" corresponds to your desired air purification. They must be replaced at various points for this reason. For example, update your filters monthly if you have dogs and switch to a higher-rated filter.

It holds even if a member of your family is allergic to dust. Consider having your air conditioning supplier replace your filters at the 90-day mark to save time and effort.


When Should You Call for Professional AC Repair in Tempe?

An air conditioner's air filters and condensing coils become clogged with dirt and grime when used. If this occurs, it could jeopardize its effectiveness. If dirt and dust are not cleared, your machine's productivity will decline by around 5%. As a result, your AC won't be able to keep your home as cool as possible if it isn't kept clean.


Many businesses also provide condenser cleaning services besides AC repair. Even though cleaning your condenser is straightforward, failing to do so could cause malfunction and eventual failure.


How To Beat the Heat with Annual AC Maintenance in Tempe, AZ

Changing your air conditioner's filter is the most critical thing you can do for its maintenance and efficiency. Ideally, the filter would be changed every 30 days.

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