Are Air Conditioners Harmful? Chandler AC Maintenance

Are Air Conditioners Harmful? Chandler AC Maintenance

Almost a million people seek medical attention for carbon monoxide poisoning, and nearly half go to the emergency room. In addition, animals, infants, and adults alike are all at risk of death from CO poisoning. And yet, unless you have a carbon monoxide detector, you may not know there is carbon monoxide in your home.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and toxic gas that kills silently.

With the proper knowledge and equipment, CO poisoning can be avoided. But, first, remember that, unlike furnaces, air conditioners don't produce carbon monoxide.

The problem may be with your heating system. Be safe than sorry about your HVAC system, so don't take any chances. Instead, keep your HVAC system in top shape with service and repair from Chandler's AC experts. Rescue One Air


Chandler AC Maintenance Can Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Over one smoke alarm should be installed in a home. Your Chandler AC repair crew can also install a dehumidifier in each bedroom if you're worried about excess moisture in the air.

An HVAC maintenance expert can assist you in counting your home's detectors. During scheduled AC maintenance visits, check and swap out the batteries.


Equipment Tune-Ups for Chandler's Stoves, Furnaces, and Ovens

Knowing which home appliances produce the most carbon monoxide is crucial. Your boiler and other fuel-burning appliances can't function properly without proper ventilation. So it's wise to check your appliances once a year to ensure they're working correctly.

  • Your fireplace produces ash and soot as a byproduct.
  • The air does not climb on a chimney.
  • You can also see orange and yellow flames and the more common blue.
  • Condensation has formed on the walls and in the panes of the windows.


If you live in Chandler and have noticed any of the above symptoms, you must seek immediate air conditioning maintenance.


Are Air Conditioners Harmful? Chandler AC Maintenance

How to Locate an AC Repair Service in Chandler

Carbon monoxide poisoning manifests initially during exercise as a mild headache and shortness of breath. However, prolonged exposure can cause severe symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and dizziness.

Symptoms of the illness include mental impairment, impulsive violence, and even unconsciousness. When you need immediate help with your air conditioner in Chandler, Arizona, contact Rescue One Air.

The technicians at Rescue One Air are trained to identify problems with heating and cooling systems.

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